Juneteenth: New Holiday for Blacks Killing Other Blacks

Mr. You Ain’t Black placated the great unwashed Blacks by giving those silly Negroes a “holiday”.

Juneteenth supposedly rights the wrongs of decades of Democrats’ mistreatment of blacks. And who better to offer this Affirmative Action olive branch than the most demented president in American history.

No jobs for blacks, no opportunities for the black masses, and Lord knows no safe black neighborhoods; but here’s your “holiday”.

Speaking of no safe neighborhoods, what happened on the inaugural Juneteeth-A-Palooza. Breitbart reported the following:

A 15-year-old boy was reportedly killed at the Juneteenth shooting in Washington, DC, on Sunday, while a police officer and two other adults were injured.

According to NBC Washington, the shooting appeared to “break out after two separate incidents, following what D.C. Chief of Police Robert Contee called an ‘unpermitted event’ at around 6 p.m. held by the group Moechella.”

The Moechella music festival featured go-go bands celebrating the recently enshrined holiday, Juneteenth, which commemorates the emancipation of slaves in the United States.

A holiday that commemorates the emancipation of slaves in the United States gets preempted by slaves in the United States.

I chuckle at Black Leftists who fear going back in time. They preach against the “good ole days”, as if they ever left.

These knuckleheads are more enslaved today than when Democrats bought them at auction. Metaphorically that’s all America’s elections are for Democrats: slave auctions.

Black Democrats are trapped in the mindset of slaves. And Democrats today cleverly get these idiots to self-segregate and crush any hope of a black resurgence.

Democrats create intentional chaos within the black community. Ironically, Democrats cause this destruction under the guise of “help”.

Like making Juneteenth a national holiday, right!

And black Leftist celebrated this weekend, not by ending the massive amount of violence in the black community. But by doing what black Leftists do routinely: kill other blacks.

Chicago celebrated the first official Juneteenth by shooting 38 people and killing 4. But why pick on Chicago, when this is true of almost every big Democrat-controlled city in America.

The Idaho Statesman wrote of Juneteenth weekend violence in Baltimore:

After a violent weekend across Baltimore, the impacts of rampant gun violence were written across the faces of city residents: from grieving family members to concerned neighbors, all frustrated and overwhelmed by the growing death toll. At least four people were killed and six others injured in weekend shootings, according to Baltimore Police.

The instances of violence spanned the city, from Carrollton Ridge and Charles Village to Ednor Gardens-Lakeside near Lake Montebello. “My boys know the difference between gunshots and fireworks,” said Crystal Hamrick, 27, who lives in Carrollton Ridge. She was referring to her nephew and two sons, ages 11 and under. “They shouldn’t have to know the difference.”



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