Kick-in-the-Pants Moment for Colin Kaepernick

Remember the Black Lives Matter fraud who tried to keep his NFL career by demonizing police? Well, Colin Kaepernick is still trying to get his job back.

Despite receiving a settlement from the NFL for what he called collusion against him by all the teams, Kaepernick seems to enjoy kowtowing to rich white capitalists.

I recall a video made by Kaepernick where he and a group of friends explain how Kaepernick deserves another shot. They even commented that Kaepernick would bring team unity. Yeah, I know.

I looked for the video. However, I couldn’t find it. Yes, it was that bad. Nevertheless, I did find another video.

Recall that Kaepernick called the NFL draft a “slave auction”. He then produced a Netflix series about it.

Apparently the Raiders decided to indulge the famous knee-taker. Thus, the team invited Kaepernick for a workout in May of this year. Surprisingly, nothing was said about the workout. Given that Kaepernick fought for this shot, one would think Mr. Big Mouth would be touting how well he did.

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Kaepernick brags often about staying in shape and being ready to play. But is he?

Not according to former NFL player Warren Sapp:

Further, according to Breitbart things didn’t go as the Raiders alluded.

Immediately after the workout concluded, the Raiders let the sports media know that Kaepernick’s workout “went well” and that the “door is open” for him to be signed sometime in the future.

However, little has been said of the workout since and there never was any video of the workout released, nor any reports filed by witnesses of the event. It all just seemed to go quiet.

On top of that, the Raiders have taken no further steps to sign the former 49ers second-string QB, another indication that all is not as “open door” as it seems.

If Warren Sapp’s comments are evidence, maybe we know why it all just seems to have gone quiet. Sapp says that Kaepernick’s workout was horrible and no one wants to admit it.

After the VladTV host noted that there are rumors that Kaepernick’s workout was not very good, Sapp jumped in saying, “I heard it was a disaster. I heard it was one of the worst workouts ever. I’m wondering how the hell this happened and the tape didn’t get out, right.”

What’s the allure?

Why can’t Kaepernick let go of the NFL, aka the plantation?

Kaepernick got everything he wanted out of life. Adoptive parents who loved him. He was blessed with the God-given physical ability that allowed him to achieve what few athletes achieve. Yet, he squandered it.

Sure, Kaepernick will go down in history as a civil rights icon for some. But for most people, he’s just a con.

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