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Top Gun 2 Sends Woke Leftism into Tailspin

In 1987, I was 11 years old and in love with Tom Cruise. Top Gun became the uniting force between my Marine Corps Drill Instructor step-dad and this pre-teen hairspray queen.

By 1988, my entire household could recite every word, but I was the one with the Maverick poster on my wall and the bomber jacket in my closet. I was pretty sure I could grow up to be Kelly McGillis, call sign Charlie.

Speaking of bomber jackets, a short controversy brewed when the original jacket with patches of both the Japanese and Taiwanese flags was swapped out with some ambiguous symbols. But movie goers caught wind of it during the trailer previews, and soon producers put the original jacket back in the film.

CNN quoted:

“There’s a high probability Beijing will ban the release and monetization of ‘Top Gun’ in China,” said Chris Fenton, former president of DMG Entertainment and author of the book “Feeding the Dragon: Inside the Trillion-Dollar Dilemma Facing Hollywood, the NBA, and American Business.”
“There’s also a probability the Chinese government will blackball the studio, filmmakers, and actors from the market for an extended period of time,” Fenton added. “We’ve witnessed similar punishments in the past.”

“Hollywood is starting to realize the aggravation of attempting to please China’s fickle and unpredictable censors is no longer worth the potential payoff,” said Fenton.

I’ll call that conservative victory #1 concerning Top Gun.

Getting Back to Basics

I honestly think most Americans want to return to a time when the average household loved America, baseball, and apple pie.

My raising definitely happened under an umbrella of patriotism. My family tree is decorated with many high-ranking veterans. As far as we were concerned, Proud to be an American, by Lee Greenwood, was the real national anthem. And when it came to national anthems, you stood up for that song whether you were in a stadium, a school house, or watching on TV. And NEVER did we forget the sacrifices made to win our freedom. Whether it was our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, or our freedom to act like a horse’s ass and kneel down when everyone else was standing up. Which is exactly why we stood tall, every single time it played.

The past few years, it’s been hard to see that America. Trust me, I’ve tried. Instead, we see Colin Kaepernick making a spectacle of himself to try a save a failing football career. We see a group call themselves “Black Lives Matter” and then act as domestic terrorists. Then, we see liberals emasculating men, demanding a weaker, softer species of male that no longer holds a door open, because women can’t accept chivalry anymore. Police are defunded, disrespected, and even gunned down. Meanwhile, disgusting feminist women spit on traditional gender roles and the sanctity of motherhood. That’s when they’re not busy killing their babies.

Unfortunately, womanhood is no longer earned by simply being born female. And everything we learned about pronouns is no longer the truth. Instead, preschoolers are poisoned with gender unicorns and the choice to decide between 71 combinations of gender identity, sexual preference, and pronoun choice.

Transgender has gone from a form of body dysmorphia, a stated mental illness requiring treatment, to some new age “I’m now cool” quest for attention by means of sex reassignment surgery. It’s insane. People are taking their six year old sons in to have their “manhood” removed before it even develops.

Yet, there is hope. And it was delivered via sequel.

Now, I’ve always wished for a Top Gun sequel. But never did I think it would deliver a message of hope to a nation in distress. However, when Top Gun Maverick hit the big screen, after a scamdemic delayed it’s release, the crowds went wild.

CNN Noted:

“Top Gun: Maverick” took off at the box office this weekend — setting a new record in the process. The sequel to the 1986 blockbuster, which has Tom Cruise reprise his most iconic role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, made an estimated $156 million domestically for its four-day opening weekend, according to Paramount.

That gives the film the record for biggest opening over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, overtaking “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” which made $153 million in 2007.

At this point, the movie is well over $400M. What makes this especially remarkable is that nearly the entire country is broke. Buying gas is like a gut punch to the paycheck. Groceries are astronomical. The average family feels the strains of this “Biden climate”, and yet they went out in droves to see Top Gun. Almost three weeks later, the seats are still selling out. And Democrats should take note.

Why? Because Americans want to kick ass and take names again.

We don’t want to be the weaklings who scurried out of Afghanistan, leaving Americans, allies, and even SERVICE DOGS behind! Who leaves a service dog? That’s right, Joe Biden, along with billions of dollars worth of state of the art American military equipment. Talk about a smart move!

We don’t want to be seen as a country that stirred a war, while creating their own energy crisis. A country that can’t decide who the enemy is: Putin, Zelensky, Biden, or possibly “all of the above”. And we sure as hell don’t want to be seen as weaklings. We have a president that other presidents don’t even want to take calls from. Because they know he’s a moron. A demented clown, as Kevin Jackson often puts it.

So, Top Gun Maverick may be a piece of fiction, but it captured the real American spirit. That drive to fight until we win, to bring the victory home, and to never give up. That’s what Americans are ready to do again.

You can take all the politically correct banter, give it as much mainstream media attention as humanly possible, but it won’t be enough to change the landscape of the land. Instead, just stick Joe Biden’s face on the front of every issue we’re facing. Manufacturing stand-stills, material shortages, starving babies, Bidenflation, a wounded work force, the loss of energy independence, cancel culture and wokeism, just to name a few. It’s no wonder we’d rather be sitting in a dark theatre, with the real world locked outside, while we watch Maverick go in for the kill one more time.

As Maverick and Goose used to say, “I feel the need, the need for speed”. Wait, make that a new president instead. I can’t afford the gas to go very fast.


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