Twitter IMMEDIATELY Removed Trump Video

Remember Trump’s Charlottesville quote that Leftists always take of context: “Good people on both sides”?

Trump finished that quote to denounce neo-Nazis and that ilk, but Democrats and their minions had their soundbite.

The January 6 nonsense is far worse. Democrats orchestrated the “insurrection”. They paid people to act as goons, then declared Jan 6 worse than Pearl Harbor, the Civil War, and 911 combined.

Leftists used members of the Department of Justice to encourage bad activity among conservatives. And when they couldn’t get conservatives to misbehave, they paid Leftists to do it.

The reason Democrats did this is simple: they want conservatives to never march peacefully against a government so crooked, that it stole an election.

After the obvious theft of the election, Democrats issued a fatwa against anybody who spoke otherwise. They were joined by the media and social media clamp down on dissent. People were kicked off social media for telling the truth about the coup. To this day, “fact-checkers” censor anyone trying to bring the truth to light.

Meanwhile, as Leftists did with “Russian collusion” by Trump, Hunter’s laptop, and other things, they began their media onslaught of blatant lies.

Below is the video that Trump made on Jan 6 that Twitter removed. As you view the video, ask yourself why social media would remove a video by the president of the United States; a video that was meant to quell any violence, perceived or otherwise.

I disagree with President Trump’s quote from Charlottesville. There are NOT good people on both sides.

Democrats are evil to their rotten cores. They have no moral code whatsoever. These people build fake narratives, and fight to the death for them, regardless of consequences.

They ruin lives. Without apology.

The Musk Factor

In recent weeks, we’ve watched Elon Musk dance around his Twitter proposed acquisition. Kevin Jackson speculates that Musk actually has no plans to buy Twitter. That he just wanted to shake up the social media giant. Personally, I think he will go through with the sell. Because owning Twitter gives the richest man in the world a unique power- one that could be used for good or evil.

But Musk is an interesting character, and it seems to me that good is his target. Either way, Twitter is changing because of Musk’s intervention.

I recently wrote an article about Obama and his obvious agenda to destroy America. After reading a tweet from Obama, I stopped cold in my tracks.

In his own words, Obama said “stop digging for truth!”

The Twitter Difference

I noticed something quite bizarre when I looked at Obama’s tweet. Now, remember, Obama was the first president to be active on Twitter during his administration. And the bots/fake accounts have done well with painting Obama as some high-achieving patriot who loves America. But we KNOW the TRUTH.

Still, from the moment Trump took office, the conservative voice started disappearing from social media. Only leftist replies and tweets got the top spots. For which an algorithm took the blame. But that day, something truly strange happened.

The top replies to Obama’s message are clearly not liberal bots.

I could go on. But the reason these tweets caught my eye is that Twitter didn’t hide them. Which made me realize this deal with Elon Musk changed social media before Musk signed the dotted line on any agreement. It’s like Twitter is afraid that continuing to hide the truth, holding back conservative commentary, and manipulating users and their opinions will jeopardize their deal.

And while those holding Twitter stock pretend to hate conservatives, the truth is they miss us! Stockholders miss winning. They miss knowing tomorrow will come and their portfolios will grow. Like clockwork. And the only way to get that back is to get rid of the imbecile in the White House.



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