Biden Asks: Where’s the President

Joe Biden does more than give hints to the deviousness of the Democrats. And he knows he’s not the real president.

In this short exchange, Biden admits that he doesn’t feel presidential.

I suggest Biden doesn’t feel like president for three reasons.

First, he knows he didn’t beat Trump. Biden will never admit this publicly, but he knows that Trump is the rightful president.

Despite Biden’s public bravado, he knows that America would not replace a stellar president like Trump with a brain-dead moron.

Second, Biden knows that others pull his strings. I don’t know who that may be, but I know that Biden is as much in charge in running America as the next Uber driver I get. Biden finds contentment in the notion that he gets to play president, an achievement he could never have achieved on his own.

Third, Biden doesn’t feel presidential, because nobody takes Biden seriously. How many insults can he receive before he takes it personally. World leaders scoff at Biden publicly, and outright ridicule him privately. Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince wouldn’t answer Biden’s phone call, when Biden wanted to beg for oil. Worse, French President, after getting his Dominion-arranged win, decided not to answer Biden’s “Congratulations!” call on election night.

What about Biden’s party?

The Party of Lynching of Negroes, whom Biden proudly represents, doesn’t want Biden to run again in 2024. And it’s a plurality who feels this way. Almost all polls have 64 percent of Democrats wanting another candidate.

Moreover, youth won’t save Biden or the Democrats as 94 percent of Democrats under 30 want another candidate. That America is a moratorium against Biden.

Democrats know Biden has lost it. And his handlers aren’t helping his cause, as they ask him to implement socialism on such a foolish scale that Biden plays the obvious patsy. Obvious to anyone with functional cognitive abilities that is.

Think back on Obama’s visit to the White House, where he ignored Biden. Biden looked like the butler, and nothing resembling anything presidential.

After making a few remarks, Biden blended into the draperies, even ambling towards them at times; likely mistaking them for actual people. Not long after, at another event after Biden finished speaking he shook hands with the air.

I see why Biden is always surprised that “Hail to the Chief” is played for him.

He knows that he is not the chief. Worse, he doesn’t even play one well.

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