Democrats Now Publicly Heckle the Bidens

Jill Biden Heckled

The Bidens have massive problems. And sadly for them, things will only get worse.

Though Joe Biden lives in a delusion on his poll numbers, believing apparently that 92 percent of Democrats love him, the real polls prove different.

One media outlet offered cover for Biden, saying that 92 percent of Democrats would vote for Biden ONLY if Trump runs again.

Nice try. Trump beat Biden the first time, and he would destroy him again. Only this time, Trump would take his rightful seat back in the Oval Office.

Moreover, the idea that Trump is the only candidate for whom Democrats would suddenly support Captain Demento is as ludicrous as Biden getting 81 million votes in the 2020 Election.

Moving on, check out how CNN let the cat out of the bag. When discussing Biden’s poll numbers, they actually can’t help but laugh at how low Biden polls.

Adding to his problems. Joe Biden’s dementia rages on steroids. And dementia doesn’t improve with age, as the world witnesses with the hapless interloper to the presidency.

Rumors persist that Joe’s “best man”, Hunter Biden will be indicted by Jan. Let’s hope that happens on January 6, so we can end the present farce being perpetrated by the Democrats in Congress.

On the subject of Jan 6, understand that the public will soon know all about The Big Cheat. And if you think 2000 Mules exposed the political swamp, wait until you see Beyond the Mules, a film my team is creating that shows actual undercover footage of Democrats cheating.

Biden is drowning and he’s taking the scumbag Democrats down with him.

During a recent visit to Connecticut, a bystander heckled first lady Jill Biden; excuse me: Dr. Jill Bilden.

The heckler declared Joe Biden as “the worst president ever.”

Jill Biden was on a break from a tour of summer learning programs, and she was joined by Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona and Gov. Ned Lamont (D-CT) when the heckler confronted her.

“Your husband is the worst president we ever had. You owe us gas money,” the man yelled at Biden.

Her response?

“Thank you! Thank you for your support. Thank you!”

Her response would have been more appropriate if she had responded, “Thank you, Captain Obvious!”



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