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Democrats Will Find it Difficult to Cheat

During the 2020 Presidential Election, Democrats faked the polls. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Democrats offered that the public hated Trump and loved Biden.

And a few fools and tools believed that nonsense. Consider the choices: billionaire bon vivant who brought America back versus old Leftist do-nothing clown?

Still, Democrats plastered their fake news media with polls showing Biden leading. All part of the ruse to fix the vote. But that won’t work for the midterms, and likely never again. Because you can’t cheat, when your candidate SUCKS!

In yet another poll, Biden, Democrats, and Progressives took a nose dive.

Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index–a summary of Americans’ ratings of current economic conditions and outlook for the economy–plunged 13 points over the past month to minus 58. Understand that the index ranges from +100 if all respondents describe the economy in positive terms and think it’s improving to -100 if all describe it in negative terms and think it’s worsening.

The all-time low was negative 72 in October 2008, as Bush was ending his disastrous presidency. And even running on the exuberance of the election of Baby Black Jesus, the index registered minus 64 in February of 2009. So you get an idea of where Biden’s score ranks.

An astonishing 85 percent of people declared in June that the economy is getting worse.

That number rose from 77 percent in May, and missed hitting the record high in 2008 by only two points.

July is nearly over, and I’m sure the record will be shattered. Currently, the percentage of Americans calling conditions “poor” has risen eight percentage points in June to 54 percent. Another Biden record, since this figure represents the first time a majority of Americans has seen conditions as poor since 2009.

Additionally, 34 percent say current conditions are “only fair,” bringing the total negative assessment to 88 percent.

To put these numbers in perspective, understand that only 11 percent say conditions are good and less than one percent say conditions are excellent. Other polls have similarly distressing numbers. For example, Republicans have an eight point lead over Democrats. Clearly, the left is ready to move on from the disastrous Biden Administration. The Washington Post notes: A New York Times-Siena College poll showed [Democrats] preferred “someone else” to Biden as their nominee by a historically unusual 64-to-26 percent margin. And a new Quinnipiac University poll confirms it: Just 40 percent of Democrats want Biden to run at all; a majority don’t.

No wonder over one million Democrats left the Party of Lynching of Negroes last year. Now, Democrats are left with a brand new problem. How will they figure out the magic number to program in those voting machines this time around? And who will be watching, since they will not know who to trust?

Even Democrats can only take so much doom and despair.

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