DOJ Only Now Surveilling Hunter Biden

Why did it take this long?

In what seems obvious to the world, Hunter Biden is a criminal. The man has been seen on camera using crack, cavorting with prostitutes, and involving himself with shady characters.

New York Post columnist Paul Sperry tweeted:

DEVELOPING: US counterintelligence officials tell me Hunter Biden has come under federal surveillance amid growing concerns his partnerships with CCP-tied figures–notably Che Feng, aka “Super Chairman”–could “compromise” the president or help Beijing gather US intel thru Hunter

The obvious question is, “What took so long for the DOJ to start surveilling Hunter Biden? The man is a ticking timebomb with ties to Russia, China, and Ukraine. And that’s just for starters.

Hunter Biden has not one, but two laptops floating around with incriminating information on them. And almost daily we learn of new highly incriminating evidence against the Bidens.

Hunter Biden himself revealed undeniable ties to Russia.

In one very publicized case Hunter received $3.5 million from the wife of a Russian oligarch. Who knows what Hunter did to get that kind of coin from the wife of some bad dudes. But as we know of Hunter by now, there is no low to which he won’t stoop.

In his own words, Hunter Biden admits being in partnership with the top China spy. And let’s not forget “the big guy” who was to get his cut.

Finally, we know of Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukraine where he was paid millions of dollars. Millions of dollars for knowing absolutely nothing except how to connect people with “the big guy” and get everybody paid.

That was what we knew before the discovery of the laptops. Now we know much more.

For example, we now know that Joe Biden knew of Hunter Biden’s business dealings. And despite the subterfuge by the media and Biden minions, we know that Joe Biden is “the big guy” referenced by Hunter Biden.

Again, revelations that amount to a chip on the iceberg.

Let’s cut to the chase. The DOJ would be remiss not to have Hunter Biden under surveillance…at all times.

We have the crackhead son of a fake president with ties to America’s enemies running around the world unchecked? At the very least, warn prostitutes.

You can bet that if this were a Trump kid, he or she would be under continual surveillance. And Adam Schiff would have a pipeline to the media where he would reveal the sordid details. But because this involves a Democrat’s crackhead son, we get nothing.

The silence from the left is deafening; but not surprising.


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