Erroneous Data Found on Dominion Voting Machines

The fact is that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen. I state this emphatically for the braindead morons who insist otherwise.

Democrats intentionally and openly cheated. They cheated in a way that made people say to themselves, “You know I SEE you cheating, right?” Their ruse worked so well, that many otherwise sane people believe Joe Biden actually won the election.

A feeble, brain-damaged man who couldn’t win most of his Democrat primaries supposedly beat the guy who broke all incumbent records for second-term presidents. A political imbecile who never got more than 83 percent of the Democrat vote running unopposed garnered the most votes in presidential history?

A dummkopf whom 20 percent of Democrats polled felt that Biden had some form of brain damage, yet this man beat the man who got more votes than any sitting second-term presidential candidate?

Clearly, Democrats cheated. And they pulled out all the stops.

It is a statistical impossibility for multiple states to stop elections at the same time and show the same voting machine irregularities in the exact same ratios.

The cheating in the 2020 Presidential Election is so blatant, that it is imperative that we determine (1) who did it, and (2) how it was done. Or Americans should never trust the outcome of elections again.

Well, the Election Assistance Commission issued their report on Dominion’s machines. And erroneous code was found.

Dominion is Panicking in Pennsylvania Because Their Machines Likely Weren’t Properly ‘Hardened’ and Shouldn’t Have Ever Been Put in Use

We know these machines are not properly ‘hardened’ because we have found software on the machines that would have prevented the machines from being certifiable.  When machines are hardened they are certified with the most up-to-date software needed for use and without any software that should not be there.

In the case of election machines used throughout the US, the machines should not be put in use with any extra software loaded on the machines.

Now a report was located that was related to some issues identified in an election in Tennessee.  An error was identified on the voting machines and systems related to erroneous code.  The real issue is the systems had been certified by the EAC.  How could the EAC certify these machines?

The voting machine audit firms are paid by Dominion to certify their machines per the video below.

That’s not all.

Shortly after the 2020 election, we learned that for some machines, the Dominion error rate was as HIGH as 68%! That’s an unacceptable margin of error for any measuring device, especially a state-of-the-art computerized voting machine.

We are roughly three months from our next election.

Leftists continually deny the #BigCheat. And the media backs them with their bogus fact-checkers that simply take Democrats at their word. Obviously, people don’t want to dig into the truth. Because then they have to admit just how crazy it was to take everything we had (stellar economy, thriving trade, record unemployment, etc.) and flush it down the toilet. And for what? To put a feeble, demented clown in the highest office of the land! Forget the American dream. This is the American NIGHTMARE. And it’s not over yet.


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