FOILED: Democrats Plot to Take Credit for Trump’s Economy

Trump built America back twice. First after taking over for Baby Black Jesus. Then a second time, when Leftists destroyed the economy over the Wuflu.

Now that they’ve cheated President Trump out of a second term, Democrats plotted to make it look as if their policies work.

Matt Walsh took note of what I’ve been saying on my radio show. Democrats will suddenly take things back to “normal”. And Americans would then feel as if Trump was the problem; not them.

Walsh tweeted:

A week before Biden’s inauguration and a study is released announcing that lockdowns don’t work, Cuomo comes out and says that New York can’t stay closed, and the mayor of Chicago is urging restaurants to open ASAP. We are supposed to believe that the timing is coincidental.

Biden rode the wave of Trump for about a year.

Ironically, Biden benefitted while simultaneously trying to undo all Trump’s policies. When you consider that Biden’s fervor to undo Trump’s policies, you understand how deeply Trump had put America’s economy back on track.

This fact is really reinforced when you consider how Democrats used Wuflu to destroy the economy.

They shut down the economy and paid people not to work. What did they possibly expect when doing something so insane?

Supply-chain issues were a foregone conclusion; as was Bidenflation. Gas prices soared, and continue to do so. Yet, Biden told the country that gas prices continue to drop, pretending that $3.99 a gallon is the deal of the century!

Clearly those who cheated Biden into office must take responsibility for his failures. And what hatred they must have had for Trump to replace a competent and proven president with a certifiable idiot.

It bears repeating that I’m amazed  Trump’s stellar economy-building handiwork withstood even a month of Biden’s bungling, much less a year.

But Biden’s days of wine and roses ended abruptly.

Everybody knows that Biden is responsible for the current devastation. And as I’ve written before, the Democrats must now jettison the old fool.

Their current states is manic for certain. Democrats are in fix-it mode. But they don’t have enough duct tape to fix what Biden broke.

Worse for Leftists, they exposed their entire playbook in The Big Cheat. Americans won’t stand for another coup. Our sequel to 2000 Mules will expose their playbook and put to bed all doubt about the cheating. The ramifications will haunt Democrats for decades.

As for 2024, Americans will want Trump back. A return to the good days of Trump’s presidency. Democrats know this, which is why they commissioned the media to pretend that Trump has no clout. They proclaim that Republicans don’t want a retread of Trump. In fact, Democrats don’t want a retread of Biden. Actually they NEVER wanted Biden in the first place.

So Conservatives can rejoice that we will get more Trump. And he will be joined by DeSantis, as DeSantis won’t play the Left’s game. He will support a Trump presidency.

In the end, Trump will get his second term, and rebuild the economy for third time.

Also, Trump will rightfully be vindictive. And Trump will use his powers to finish draining the swamp.



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