Ivana Trump Puts Mainstream Media in a Dunce Cap!

Now that she passed away on July 14, 2022, it’s high time I said it.

President Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump, the former Ivana Zelníčková of Czechoslovakian birth, was repeatedly castigated by the ignorant American press as trying to inflate her husband’s importance by calling him, “The Donald”. It was nerve-wracking for me to repeatedly hear and read the American press recidivistically mocking her and her husband in both print and broadcast references as “The Donald”.

As someone who is multi-lingual – which I daresay the preponderance of the American press is not – I have native fluency in Hungarian. I can attest that it is grammatical structure in both Hungarian and Czech to refer to a person as “the”. For example, in Hungarian I would be referred to as “a Krisztina” when I’m the subject and as “a Krisztinát” if I were the direct object. All subjects and direct objects follow that grammatical rule, be they people, animals, or inanimate objects.

Of course, the American media – too many of whom, maybe even most, especially the “woke” ones, all too often cannot even write or speak or spell with correct grammar in their native English – wouldn’t know that. (Wait’ll I publish an Op-Ed on that! It’s coming soon.)  They’re too malicious and narrow-minded to have even researched the reason Ivana Trump said “the Donald”. By the way, Ivana Trump spoke Czech, English, Russian, and reportedly two other languages.

I never knew Ivana Trump but admired her from afar, as many of us did.

I’m sad that she died. And I’m especially sad that her life was cut short as the result of a fall, instead of her having died of a cardiac arrest which made her fall. This way it’s more than a loss, it’s a tragedy because it means that, at age 73, she could have lived possibly even a quarter of a century longer. Her mother is 96 years old.

I’m sad because as someone who lost my Mom, I know that you never have enough time with someone you love, no matter how long they live. But the Trump children and I know that the pain is never lessened just because you’re an adult when your Mom passes away. Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka, are fortunate that they have their father and each other.

I also feel sad for her little dog, Tiger. How do you explain death to a loyal canine? Animals have hearts and minds and profound emotions. All of us who love dogs know that the little Yorkshire Terrier will forever wait for his beloved Momma to come home. As long as he lives.

Anyhow, I just wanted to set the record straight about “the Donald”.

Farewell intelligent, gracious, beautiful Ivana Trump.

Editor’s note: Ivana left her fortune to Tiger, so he will live out his final days in luxury. 




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