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Jan 6 Hearings: MAJOR Backfire for DEMS

Democrats are using the January 6 Hearings to bolster their lie. And with each passing day, Democrats must work harder to convince people that cheating in the 2020 President Election didn’t occur.

I know that I speak for mostly conservatives, but we know Democrats cheated. Candidates who won’t admit this find themselves trailing all over the country. And not just because it’s Trump’s litmus test for getting his endorsement. I know people who couldn’t care less about Trump’s endorsement, and simply believe that The Big Cheat occurred.

The Big Cheat didn’t just impact Trump. Many Democrats were “selected”, including far downstream offices like mayors, city council, and so on. Democrats know that they must cheat at all levels in order to get their insanity accepted.

I’ve said on my radio show, and I’m sincere; Democrats can’t win most elections unless they cheat.

What’s so bad about the coup of Trump lies in how Democrats try to control the narrative. The idea of a massive insurrection in the legitimate protest of a coup boggles the mind. No video of people rioting, looting, or other Antifa/BLM-like activities.

Further, not a single gun or gunshot, except a Conservative woman being killed by a black Capitol Hill police officer who has yet to be charged with any crime. By all measure of common sense, one can clearly see the duality of how Leftists treat situations when they set the narrative and outcome.

So now Democrats hope that these Jan 6 Hearings will provide some layer of validation to their lies. In their most laughable move, they now say that Trump threatened his Secret Service protectors for not allowing him to join the “riots”; riots that never occurred.

Democrats trotted out a trollop who claims that Trump lost it. I’m surprised they didn’t get this particular agent to accuse Trump of rape. Yes, the story is THAT laughable.

The more we learn about this agent and her story, the more implausible it becomes, ergo the more desperate Democrats appear.

Below is a video of Politico’s Betsy Woodruff Swan reporting on Jan 6 testimony:

They set this up as Trump’s team attempting to influence Hutchinson’s testimony. Swan pretty much refutes the nonsense.

“The select committee is taking some heat for, this because our journalist it would have been a very basic step if someone tells you a story, before you present the story publicly you check with everybody who you, no follow-up, you figure out if it can be cooperated or not. The fact that select committee skipped that step as they were hurrying, is something that is creating a more fraught environment for Hutchison than she would have had to face if they had gone through that step, if they had known why all the participants were aware of, and if they had been ready to deal with it rather than watch the storytelling happen publicly in real time after she had already gone under oath publicly.”

All the Democrats have is innuendo. And as we’ve learned from watching the press over the past decade, they simply make this crap up.

The truth will undo the Democrats. Americans now know the smell of a rat. And it happens every time Democrats open their mouths. People like Schiff and Nadler are seen as nothing more than conspiracy nutcases at best, and outright pathological liars at worst.

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