Leftism: No Rights, Just Privileges

I often think deeply about a subject when I need to understand the motivation of our opponents. And freedom requires such pensive thought.

The lockdown shook up Americans and rightfully so. Never had such Draconian measures been taken. This wouldn’t have been a huge issue had the lockdown been warranted. But it was unwarranted. Mere cover for Leftists to rob the treasury of over $6 trillion.

This was so much money, the illegitimate powers-that-be still haven’t spent it all.

As for the lockdowns, Leftists found their hot button. And they didn’t hesitate one bit. They pushed the button, and set off a nuclear explosion that almost killed the American spirit. Americans became self-enslaved. We gave up all manners of freedom, wearing ineffective masks, practicing silly social distancing, and even homeschooling all of our children. (By the way, the schools are now taxed with somehow making up the lost instruction that is effecting students today.)

Worse, many people were sold the notion of taking a vaccine for a disease very unlikely to harm you. Which wouldn’t be quite so bad had the vaccine not been a death poke for so many.

Speaking of vaccines, consider how many “cures” we have for disease versus how many diseases that require constant maintenance.

As Technocracy News explains by referencing the World Economic Forum’s slogan related to the Great Reset:

“You will own nothing, you will have no privacy, and you will be happy.”

Technocracy News continues,

When Klaus Schwab or some other globalist tells you that you will own nothing, they don’t necessarily mean that you will literally not own a thing and just rent everything from the billionaires.

If that happened, Amazon and Walmart would go out of business. And we all know that cannot be allowed to happen.

So while you may technically still own a house, a car, computers, appliances, a cellphone, etc., in the emerging digital economy, do you really own it? By that I mean, do you have full control over the usage of those products?

If you have a deed or a receipt that says “paid in full,” are there any more service fees required for the “privilege” of using that product? Even if there are no fees required, does any outside entity have the ability to monitor or shut down whatever device you own? How much of your personal user data is being sent back to the manufacturer, which then uses it to sell you other products, or sells your data to the government and other corporations?

Bill Gates’ Microsoft may have been the first to lure people into this trap, with his Windows Operating System and Office Suite. You buy it, they own it. If you don’t continuously update the software, feeding Microsoft data on your usage with each new update, you eventually lose it. It won’t work anymore, or at least not very efficiently. The same goes for your iPhone.

The author is right, in that we sign our lives away. In fact, we don’t bother to read the fine print, as we are conditioned to just blindly accept all terms.

Why? Because it’s “accept them or else.”

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg mocked users, bragging at how easily they give them his data. Facebook now uses that data in conjunction with Big Brother to know more about you than you know about yourself. Don’t believe me. Test me to see who knows the last places you visited, ate, and so on.

As for Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, and so on, I understand the need for software updates. But why not be given a choice? Today, software code is designed to make previous generations of hardware perform less efficiently, if at all. But now this tactic is not limited to computers and mobile phones, and has become pervasive.

Technocracy News explains,

Now it is happening with vehicles, and not only with luxury add-ons such as heated seats. You buy it, they own the software to block certain features. You have to pay them to unlock those features. Or, at the very least, they require you to “register” the product to unlock certain features.” You may not need to pay them but by registering you still hand over your personal data for free, which they use to bolster profits.

And it’s about to get worse: By 2026 the federal government has mandated that all vehicle manufacturers include a remote “kill switch” in every vehicle that leaves their factories…Then you really won’t own that car at all, because as soon as your social credit score dips below a certain level the government can just flip the kill switch and your car has been rendered inoperable.

No more days of hiding the car if you miss a payment. They know where your car is at all times.

Where does it end? According to the article, there is no end:

This strategy will soon be extended to your house as well. Builders are building “smart houses” within “smart cities.” Trendy folks with more money than they know what to do with love these types of houses where everything is done for them. They don’t have to lift a finger. They walk into their smart house and bark out a certain command, or clap their hands, and the lights come on. The air-conditioning resets to the evening temperature they desire, and so on and so forth.

But even homes that don’t carry the label of a “smart home,” are wirelessly connected and have vast potential for technocratic mischief by third parties who don’t live in your home.

Why? Because 80 percent of U.S. homes already have the mechanism in place for the technocrats to intervene in your energy consumption. They’re called smart meters — little chips that interact with the power grid, monitoring not only how much power we’re using in real time but where exactly that power is drawing from. Every appliance made over the last 20 years or so contains a chip that is talking to the smart meter and telling the power company everything it needs to know about where your electric power usage is coming from.

If you have guests at your house, your water supplier can tell by how many times the toilet flushes and the dishwasher runs how many living souls are staying there and for how long.

Think of the possibilities.

Back to the self-imposed slavery and quarantine.

Imagine what the government knows about you, and how it can use all these things to control you. Even the amount of electricity or water you may use, and that’s just for starters.

With technology, the government knows what you buy, and could block your phone from unapproved purchases.

Too fat? Well, we will remove those potato chips from your GrubHub order.

Yes, the government can lock you down, then determine your lifestyle with a few clicks of a button. On a device that you only lease from them. Digital currency is the next step in this complete government control.

Consider again the Wuflu vaccines. Fauci and team eventually mandated people take the vaccine. Then they declared that you need boosters. How many? They aren’t sure. Because it doesn’t matter.

The vaccine was designed to make sure you take boosters. Who knows what will happen if a person skips a booster? If technology is any indication, your operating system will eventually run very slow. Then you will be forced to upgrade or trash the computer…you.

In case you missed it, the government owns you. And it uses Big Tech to keep you in compliance.



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