Trump’s IMPOSSIBLE Biden-era Feats

Barack Obama said of Trump’s promise to save Carrier, “What’s he gone do? Wave a magic wand?!” And voila! Trump saved Carrier.

Yes America, Trump accomplished with ease what Obama thought took magic. Saving Carrier marked the beginning of American presidents having positive significance and impact on America and the world.

Carrier marked the credo of Donald Trump: get sh*t done. And Carrier was only the beginning for Trump displaying his ability to dazzle. Only unlike magic, Trump’s accomplishments weren’t an illusion.

Miss America called for it, and Trump delivered it. World peace.

Trump got the Jews and the Arabs to agree to meet. Saudi Arabia recognized Israel. Then other Arab nations followed.

But unlike Barack Obama, the Nobel committee gave Trump no prize. But Trump didn’t care. He just forged ahead, recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. Seems like a “no big deal” issue, and frankly it wasn’t. Except that no other president had done it.

Sure, many of them talked about it. But none delivered.

In fact, Obama said it during his momentous presidential campaign of 2008:

Obama had eight years to actually do it.

Yet, as soon as Trump got the chance, he “Niked” it. In other words, Trump just did it.

ABC News marked the occasion:

In a momentous shift in United States policy in the Middle East, President Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday and initiated the process of relocating the U.S. Embassy to the city from Tel Aviv.

“My announcement today marks the beginning of a new approach to conflict between Israel and the Palestinians,” Trump said from the White House, where he was joined by Vice President Mike Pence. Trump described it as a “long overdue step to advance the peace process.”

“While previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise, they failed to deliver,” he added. “Today I am delivering.”

His remarks were broad in nature — an intentional choice, according to a U.S. official and a source close to the White House who spoke to ABC News before the announcement.

Next, Trump brought the two Koreas together, something many people thought would never happen. Recall the two leaders of North and South Korea meeting at the 54th parallel in a symbolic gesture of unity. Moreover, Trump was the FIRST sitting president in US history to step inside North Korea before meeting with Kim Jon Un.

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Now, Trump’s presidency is solidified in the history books.

According to Town Hall:

With Friday’s Dobbs decision, Donald Trump’s legacy is now forever linked to the triumphant end of constitutionally protected abortion on demand. Conversely, Joe Biden’s legacy continues to spiral down the toilet bowl of the 21st century with sky-rocketing inflation, record-high gas prices, a deadly and disastrous military pull-out from Afghanistan, and no signature opening sentence for his obituary other than “He defeated Donald Trump in 2020 under unprecedented and suspicious circumstances.”

It’s quite a disparity in presidencies, isn’t it?

As Roe v. Wade is “resting comfortably” on the ash heap of history, it’s inescapable to acknowledge that were it not for Donald Trump, a political neophyte who voted most of his life as the New York Democrat he always was, American conservatives would still be suffering from the abominable Supreme Court decision that sentenced millions of innocent, unborn children to their deaths before they even had a chance to feel the warm sun on their faces.

Donald Trump did this.

Oh, I know, it’s very vogue among the “Never Trump” circle to say Trump was “lucky” and that he just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Maybe.

But the point is, he was there. He beat Hillary Clinton and made his SCOTUS picks one of the top issues for voters to evaluate when choosing between the hope of his promises versus the guaranteed knowledge of Clinton’s plan for the court.

And Trump delivered.

He didn’t give us a Souter or Kennedy. He gave us Gorsuch and Coney Barret and, most importantly, stood by Kavanaugh through the most vicious, debased confirmation process in American history (and that’s saying something considering the Bork and Thomas debacles then-Senator Joe Biden put us through).

This last point can’t be emphasized enough.

It wasn’t just that he nominated three strong originalists to the court, but he stood by them, especially Kavanaugh, when most other politicians would have pulled the rip cord the moment the name “Christine Blasey Ford” emerged in the Washington Post.

Now that the world is reminded of what it’s like to have an imbecile in the Oval Office, I expect #Winning to make a comeback.


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