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President Biden Faces Only One Obstacle to Success

According to the President and his few hair-brained followers, he’s a great leader, rescuing America from the depths of hell.

According to the rest of us, Biden lives in fantasy land. As do his hair-brained followers. All three of them. But that doesn’t stop Biden from claiming that he’s doing a great job! And we’re expected to believe it.

In fact, all of this is just a “failure to communicate,” as the saying goes.

Fox News explains:

Axios co-founder Mike Allen offered a rosy picture of the Biden administration he suggested is stumbling in part by the president’s ineffective messaging.

In a piece headlined “Biden’s success story,” Allen alleged President Biden “has slowly but substantially re-engineered significant parts of the American economy,” “achievements” which have been “obscured” by the ongoing COVID pandemic, inflation and “broad disenchantment.”

“Love it or hate it, piece by piece, Biden has pumped billions into infrastructure projects, helped revive the domestic semiconductor industry, and accelerated U.S. viral research and vaccine production capabilities. He might be on the cusp of the biggest domestic clean-energy plan in U.S. history,” Allen told readers Sunday.

Allen insisted the Biden agenda has an “America First twist,” pointing to an increase in drilling, improving infrastructure, an increase in U.S. manufacturing jobs and vaccine development.
Let’s just break that down for a second.
An increase in drilling? This man cancelled the Keystone Pipeline and instead invested our money in Russian oil. People lost jobs. Our country lost resources. And we were left in a lurch, begging for oil when the Russia-Ukraine war got under way. I’m not giving Biden any points for creating that fiasco.
I haven’t seen any of these infrastructure improvements, so I can’t speak to those. As far as manufacturing, the way I hear it, we have a shortage of workers all around the country. Because Biden passed out a bunch of so-called “free money” and now we have millions of workers who don’t want to work! And then there’s the vaccine development nonsense. Are we really supposed to thank the President for a death poke?
Every week new research emerges proving these vaccines have done more harm than good. If you want to dig a little deeper into vax stats, just check out this article Kevin Jackson wrote about a week ago. There are many reasons leftists now work to distance themselves from the WuFlu ruse.
But I digress. Because the most shocking part of this story is yet to come.
According to Axios and the President, all of this is just a simple problem of “optics.”
If only Biden could just show us how well he’s doing! I wonder if we were dumb enough to believe this nonsense, would everything be magically all better? Would Bidenflation disappear? Or would gas prices duck under $2.00/gal? Maybe we could afford groceries on a regular paycheck!
All these hardships are nothing more than a product of our over-active, conservative imaginations.
“Biden hasn’t done a dazzling job explaining this to the public. And it’s possible no amount of explaining can excite people when prices are soaring and viruses are spreading,” Allen wrote. “It’s also clear his early spending binge helped exacerbate inflation — the overshadowing topic of the day.”

The Axios co-founder then listed Biden-era legislative achievements like the CHIPS act that was recently passed in Congress, the $1-trillion infrastructure bill as well as the “another huge win” the president may get with the climate bill that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Y. agreed on, which is still in limbo since Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., has yet to express support for it.

“These developments required bipartisanship — something Biden promised but gets little credit for, since these thin bands of Republican support look nothing like traditional bipartisanship,” Allen wrote, adding that “the bottom line” is “Not only did Biden land these economic measures and a gun-control bill, but same-sex marriage protection is getting close — baby steps, but in a once unthinkable direction.”

No mention in Allen’s piece was the recession that the U.S. economy is in. But regardless, he appeared on MSNBC’s “Way Too Early” to tout Biden’s “winning streak” and “remarkable record.”

Look, if you put a monkey in charge of the country, he would have just as many successes as Biden has, just by accident. The man is no great leader.

But that doesn’t stop the mainstream media from again trying to paint Biden in a positive light.

There has been a push by the media in recent days that President Biden is making an epic comeback following the Schumer-Manchin deal.

Politico declared that Biden is “back in the game,” writing “After enduring a brutal year dominated by economic angst, legislative setbacks and sinking approval ratings, the president is suddenly on the verge of a turnaround that, the White House believes, could salvage his summer — and alter the trajectory of his presidency.”

Buried in the 26th paragraph of Politico’s report was the mention that the U.S. economy suffered back-to-back consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, which has long been the indicator of a recession.

CNN commentator Van Jones praised Biden’s “successful” presidency but offered a massive qualifier.

“That big sound you hear in the background is a sigh of relief for the Democratic Party, that we actually could be able to deliver on some of this stuff,” Jones said to CNN anchor Jim Sciutto on Thursday.

He continued, “Listen, if you just erase the past six months of nutty stuff, it looks like you’ve got a president that can get an infrastructure bill done, get COVID stuff done, get something done for the American people on climate, get something done on CHIPS- that’s a successful presidency, you just have the past six months of nonsense that takes away from it.”

Of course, these same people say Hunter Biden is an upstanding member of the prestigious first family. He’s never done anything scandalous- much like the Obamas. And if you’re buying any of this, well, I have some ocean front property for sale. Guess where?


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