Joe Biden Solved Gang Problem with ONE Phone Call

Joey Demento, Leftist America’s Liar-in-Chief told another whopper. But don’t worry, as the fake news media won’t bother to add this lie to the litany of other Biden blunders.

In this latest episode of White House Liar Liar, Biden single-handedly took down a Wilmington, DE gang at the request of an old woman. And as Biden put it, “For real. Not a joke.”

On Tuesday, Biden regaled a Wilkes-Barres, Pennsylvania in a speech akin to the “Corn Pop” speech he gave during the campaign.

I love the unverifiable part of the story!

Conveniently, this woman is dead. Apparently Biden’s brain works well enough to know that he can’t have live witnesses who might refute these completely fabricated stories.

Biden’s latest Holy Mother of the Burger King Whopper placed the political-wannabe in the home of a likely black woman where he discussed the need for police in her community.

Biden recalled going to the East Side of Wilmington–the slums; or as Biden has put it, “the black sections of my town”.

Does anybody believe that Biden spent “last summer holding in the black sections of my town holding rallies in parks”? Negro, please!

And what of that racist comment about the “black sections of my town”? Could Trump have gotten a pass on this? The idea that Biden actually believes there is a “black section” of a town? Is that the only place blacks can live in his town?

I will pick apart Biden’s “black section” video another day. But the video validates my view that Biden is a detached racist. He believes himself to be better than black people, which is why he could tell black men to wear a condom, and tell black women it’s ok to say, “No!”.

Biden never visited the “black sections” of his town. Nor did he lecture black men or women on anything. And like he did at his debate in 2008, Biden lied yet again in his 2022 speech in Wilmington:

Partial transcript:

“…in one of those old Victorian two, three-story apartment buildings and going up to see a woman, whose name — she’s passed away but won’t mention her name now — and stand in that rotunda, that part that stuck out around the building. And she said, ‘Joey, I know. I know what’s going on. They all plan it downstairs. I can hear them, but I’m afraid to tell anybody. I’m afraid to tell anybody. The gangs.”

“And so I got a phone number, I got a phone number for the local cops. She called they promised not to identify her because I knew there’d be retribution.

And in the spirit of Bidenisms, he emphasized his lie, adding:

“And the crime rate began to drop for real, not a joke.”

This is the first time the police-hating Biden has told this story according to those who searched the records. I suspect there is no record of this story, because it never happened.

I’ve already mentioned a couple of obvious lies. However, let’s recap.

First, the woman is now supposedly dead. No. The woman never existed. She’s as much a figment of Biden’s imagination as the idea that he won the 2020 Presidential Election. If the woman has passed away, then Biden should have no problem revealing who she is. Is he concerned about gang reprisal for a DEAD WOMAN?!

Second, Biden always sets these stories up in war-torn areas of town. The “East Side” of Wilmington. As I indicated earlier, my bet is the East Side is where Corn Pop lived; the bad side of town. Biden wants Americans to believe that he was as bad a dude as Corn Pop. Thus, he frequented the black sections of his town to “give back” to the little people. The little black people, that is.

Third, note the colloquialism Biden uses in how the woman spoke to him. She called him “Joey”, not Joe. What Joe drops in on a stranger to address policing issues, and that person suddenly begins calling him, Joey?

Fourth and finally, Biden wants us to believe he had clout. He made one phone call and that woman was protected. This man doesn’t even have the number to 911. As Biden would say, “for real, not a joke!”.




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