Democrats to Black Voters: Don’t Side With Oppressors!

Democrats have always been the party of lynching negroes.

It was Republicans who freed the slaves. And it is Republicans who continue to fight for equality, level the playing fields, and see beyond color. Meanwhile, the left continues to race pimp for every vote.

While commenting on the left’s 2016 loss, Al Sharpton once said, “Democrats must stop trying to get the ‘Archie Bunker’ vote and instead focus on maximizing the party’s minority vote.”

Thus, Democrats fight to keep racism up front and center.

In 2019, Kevin Jackson wrote:

Democrats gather the rundown of all the racist things Democrats say Republicans do, even when no racist things exist.

In Jan of 2018 the New York Times published “The Definitive List” of Trump’s racism. But they left off a few things.

      • The Trump meeting with chancellors of Historically Black Colleges and Universities to pledge more financial support than Obama.
      • And what about Trump reducing black unemployment to record lows.
      • The president freed a black woman who had a life sentence for being a drug mule. Obama ignored this woman for almost a decade.
      • Next, Trump brought back 3 black basketball players from China who were accused of theft.
      • He then promoted a black woman as the first Marine Corps General.
      • Most recently President Trump enacted criminal justice reform that had even Van Jones singing his praises.

Racism is for Sellouts

Jackson also once said, “I wrote the book on Race Pimping. Not because I am one, but because I recognize those who are.”

He went on to say:

“If I were a race pimp, I would be a billionaire, and likely at least a senator. My refusal to sell out means I must work for a living. Further, my reward lies only in my hope for truth.

Consider my plight. If I win in the race game, game over. I approach race politics as self-defeating. So the better I do in changing minds, the less chance I have for additional work. Put another way, no race politics, no need for my work in its present form.

I’m good with that. But the real race pimps are not. They rely on the chaos of race issues. Thus, they never want the money-train to end.”

We see it time and time again. In fact, just the other day, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles schooled a reporter who made his upcoming game against the Steelers some kind of monumental moment is race history.

When a white reporter from ESPN pressed him about diversity, Bowles said, “The minute you guys stop making a big deal about it, everybody else will as well.”

However, leftists have no plans to stop race pimping.

They will continue to play the ‘black card’ as if they’re the party lifting up the black community. And right now, all eyes are pointed to the upcoming midterms. Democrats are desperate to control the Black vote.

Thus, the mainstream media is chiming in.

According to Moguldom:

There has been a growing debate about whether Black voters should continue to support the Democratic Party as they have done for decades. MSNBC host Tiffany Cross has weighed in.

Cable news veteran Cross is the host of “The Cross Connection” on MSNBC and was most recently a 2020 Resident Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics. The Clark Atlanta University alum has also worked as the D.C. Bureau Chief for BET Networks, an Associate Producer for CNN, and a freelance field producer, according to her website.

Cross recently declared on her on Sept. 17 that Black men should support Democrats.

“Black men sometimes feel like they are ignored and out down…but you feel ignored and then you go to the other side. The oppressed feel oppressed then you go and align with the oppressor?” Cross asked.

She added, “Please…get in line with some the Black women…some of you go to people that advance policies that harm your people. I just don’t understand that.”


Differing Opinions

Pundit and show host Roland S. Martin, who in the past has been criticized for being overly supportive of the Dems, advised Cross to be more critical of the DNC. He was on the show with Terrance Woodbury of Hit Strategies and Cliff Albright.

Martin, author of  the book “White Fear: How the Browning of America Is Making White Folks Lose Their Minds,” told Cross that the “fundamental problem” with the Democratic Party is that “white strategists” control the money.

Cross spoke with Martin and her guests of Black Voters Matter about the Georgia race between Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican candidate Herschel Walker, as well as the idea of a “gender gap” among Democrat voters, Mediaite reported.

Martin pointed out that “Black men are the second most loyal voting bloc for the Democratic party,” after Black women.

“So what you’re seeing are Black men who are saying you’re not paying attention to me, you’re ignoring what’s happening when it comes to economics, you’re ignoring me when it comes to the critical issues,” he said. “And so what the Democratic Party has not done is create a specific strategy to target those individuals.”

Martin then slammed the DNC for not ridding itself of white supremacists.

“And I’m just going to go ahead and put it out here because someone has to say it,” he continued. “The fundamental problem with the Democratic Party is that White strategists are controlling the money, controlling the strategy.”

He continued, “Yes, African-Americans are having input. But if you’re trying to win, you better listen to Black people. You better fund these initiatives. Otherwise, you’re going to lose and that gap is going to widen.”

There you have it folks! If you’re black, you better line up and vote via plantation politics. The character of the candidate is null and void; it’s their complexion that matters.

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