Pelosi: Don’t Talk About Inflation

Nancy Pelosi wants people to believe that the inflation she and other Democrats have caused in this country is a GLOBAL THING and gosh, golly, gee, we should change the subject and talk about something else for her sake.

Forget that most Americans are worried about gas, food, and not FREEZING this winter but we’re inconveniencing Nancy by making her talk about the ONE THING we all actually care about.

Hey, maybe she’ll send out a video of her eating her bazillion-dollar-ice cream again while the rest of us are making hot dog soup and eating ramen noodles.

Right, because if we quit mentioning Bidenflation, it will magically disappear…

This interview should’ve come with an “Idiot Alert” attached. Imagine how much time and attention we could reserve if we just quit giving these idiots even a sliver of our days!

Not only is Pelosi an idiot for trying to change the subject, but many Democrats are living in denial. In fact, with 11 days until midterms, Biden is digging his heels in on his economic plans, the same ones that have been steadily ruining our country for the past two years.

Most recently, the idiot in charge criticized Republicans for working to block the huge student loan forgiveness program that would cost taxpayers somewhere between $300 billion and $1 trillion, instead referring to GOP plans as “mega MAGA trickle down economics.”

In fact, the White House went as far as to call GOP plans the “Congressional Republicans’ Five-Part Plan to Increase Inflation and Costs for American Families,” as if anything could be nearly as laughable!

From day 1, Biden has crippled the American worker, the average family, and our economy as a whole. Under Trump, we were living in prosperity. Now, there’s a labor shortage along with high unemployment, which happens to be one of the biggest indicators of inflation we’re facing. We can’t afford gas or groceries, yet our government wants us to rush out and buy new electric cars. Some say that’s just to keep us from being able to easily move about the country. Is that true? I can’t say for sure, but it certainly could be.

Other Idiots at the Top

When it comes to idiots, the left is full of them. Take, for example, Pennsylvania Senate Democratic candidate John Fetterman. Even Chuck Schumer had to admit that Fetterman made an idiot of himself in the debate against Dr. Oz. There’s no way Fetterman will win, and when he loses, the Senate will be flipped from Democrat majority to Republican.

And what about Adam Schiff? This guy actually claimed to have all sorts of proof that would put Trump behind bars. Yet, his claims never come to fruition. He’s still trying to head-up that witch hunt, because leftist is synonymous with idiot. Just look at their fearless leader.

Just yesterday, Biden was seen mocking reporters during a meeting at the White House. According to Fox News, “Biden hosted the Israeli president to announce a new agreement between Israel and Lebanon during a bilateral meeting in Washington. At the conclusion of the meeting, both leaders, who were seated opposite each other, turned their attention to reporters in the back of the room. The two men sat in silence as a raucous press corps shouted questions at them.

Biden could be seen imitating reporters, raising his eyebrows and moving his mouth to silently mimic talking. The president was also seen laughing and slapping his knee before reporters were escorted out of the room.”

Just How Idiotic is He?

If Biden were a smart man, he’d understand just how much the left relies on the mainstream media to keep real facts out of the hands of Americans- whether they be regarding covid, the scamdemic, the economy, the witch hunt, or the actual crimes of the Clintons. Biden shouldn’t be so quick to bite the hand that feeds him. But of course, a head-of-the-class idiot has no way of understanding such subtleties. However, it’s good to know Biden could finally be called “head of the class”.


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