Hate Crime: How Do Leftists Explain this Inside Job?

As we all know by now, a shooting occurred at a nightclub in Colorado Springs. But the media reported it as a “gay nightclub” attack.

Why add “gay”?
We’ll come back to that, but it’s not the most interesting part of the story. The early facts, as reported by CNN, tell us that at least five were killed and 25 wounded when a gunman open fired just before midnight Saturday at Club Q. Almost immediately, Colorado Springs Police Lt. Pamela Castro said police located one individual in the club believed to be the suspect. “At this point in time, the suspect is being treated, but is in custody,” she said.
NBC News also quoted Castro saying, “We have numerous people transported to multiple local hospitals
via ambulance and police cruisers. The hospitals are helping us to notify family who have been injured.”
For those already calling for more gun control, hold your horses.
Colorado already adopted background checks on private gun sales after the 2012 attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School. Further, Colorado employs “universal background checks,” which means private sales require the same background check as a retail sale.
Moreover, Colorado has a red flag law, a ban on the sale of “high capacity” magazines, and gun storage
requirements, among other controls.
But we’re still not to the zinger of this shooting. Because the shooter identifies as non-binary!
If you believe the shooter is non-binary, then that destroys the left-wing narrative that all these insane shooters are MAGA-happy crazy men. Of course, leftists prefer to keep this as a crime against gays, so that it feeds the narrative of “conservative hate crime- end of story”.

To be honest, I cannot say with certainty that Aldrich isn’t using this “non-binary” declaration as a way to get some kind of reduction of charges, such as dropping the hate-crime amplifier. The guy is a bona fide nutcase. His own mother was forced to call police last year when Aldrich made threats towards her, including a bomb threat he planned to carry out with a homemade bomb.

This isn’t the failure of the right wing. And while leftism is toxic, and a huge contributor to the breakdown of our nation, this shooting isn’t the failure of the left wing. It goes much deeper than politics and gun control. This is the complete failure of both the mental health services in this country and the justice system.

There are a lot of questions to ask. Like was Aldrich on medication? We previously explored a link between anti-depressants and mass shootings. Also, Aldrich was arrested last year for a clear break with reality. Why didn’t that trigger law enforcement to keep an eye on him? At the very least, he should’ve had to surrender his guns until he could prove he got his ducks back in a row. Further, mental health services should have been mandated and followed up with by the court. I haven’t seen anything that says he was even evaluated by mental health experts following his previous arrest. Instead, no charges were filed and no follow up seems to have occurred.

Digging Up the Past

Of course, judging by his father, Aldrich’s ducks were likely never in a straight row to begin with. Aldrich legally changed his name long before the shooting to distance himself from his biological father, Aaron Brink. Ironically, his name change request states that Aldrich doesn’t wish to carry the stigma of Brink’s criminal record. Brink dabbled in drugs and porn, staring in “Spider Man XXX: A Porn Parody” under the moniker Dick Delaware. He also has a strong crystal-meth addiction.

Meanwhile, Aldrich’s mother dabbled in arson and drugs. Wow, talk about great parents! Of course they created a serial killer. Apparently, Aldrich was bullied in school because of his father’s porn career. Sadly, Brink’s first comments after the shooting were expressing relief that his son “wasn’t gay” with no regard for the dead bodies left behind.

Twitter is full of all sorts of rants and raves debating whether this guy is a right-wing extremist or a left-wing psycho. But if we’re shooting straight, none of us can claim to know for certain what was dancing around in the mind of this incredibly troubled young man.

Let’s get one thing straight here.

Conservatives don’t want Aldrich on their side. Nor do we want his washed-up father who lacks any shred of morals or values. Conservatism isn’t synonymous with hate. Leftists would like that, because it makes it much easier to push aside our opinions. Just think, if all conservatives doled out black-hate and gay-hate and woman-hate, then it’s much easier to try to take away something like the right to bear arms. Guns and hate are never a good combination.

However, if the left was forced to acknowledge that the majority of conservatives value life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it changes the ball game. Make no mistake- conservatives are guardians of the constitution. They are the men and women who get up and say “I don’t like what you have to say, but I will die protecting your right to say it.”. For me personally, being a conservative is about protecting my family while appreciating my freedom. Sort of like the Veteran/father who was in Club Q with his wife and family when Aldrich open fired. He sprung into action, saving countless lives. Especially when a drag queen joined him in stomping Aldrich to the ground. But keep in mind, no matter how many zealots claim their evil acts in the name of conservatism, it doesn’t ring true if the actions don’t reflect the cause.

Quit trying to figure out what side this guy’s voter registration card is attached to. Instead, figure out how this man who sent up a host of red flags slipped through the cracks. That’s the question we need to answer. And that’s the answer we need to act upon. The rest is just noise.

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