Post Midterms, Biden Makes Bold New Pledge

Today, a little three-letter word is heavy on my mind. And that word is jobs.

They say money makes the world go ’round, but if you really think about it, it’s jobs.

Jobs make the money that makes the world go ’round. So when a President ushers in the lowest unemployment rates in 50 years, we had to sit up and take notice. Democrat or Republican- not important. Results! That is the key word. And that’s what we got from President Trump. Suddenly, the world was spinning a little easier. Then, Blacks, Hispanics, and women saw unemployment rates lower than ever recorded. The world wasn’t just spinning easier, it was singing a song. A pretty happy song. And then, BOOM. That president was gone.

We don’t have to talk about how or why. It is what it is. Suddenly, there was new sheriff in town. Only this guy didn’t want people to go to work. He had a much better idea. Let them all stay home and send them big fat government checks so they can get new 4k flat screens in every room. It all sounds hunky dory until you start looking at who’s going to pay those big fat checks. Because it sure won’t be all these people sitting at home without a job.

Leftist Lies and Alibis

I keep hearing Biden say things like “the economy is strong” and “jobs are good”. But that’s just another leftist lie. Look around. Twitter laid off half it’s workforce. Was it because Elon Musk has some kind of ego? Nope! It was because Twitter spent the past few years hiring haphazardly without truly assessing the needs of the company. Much like the government, Twitter execs believed there to be an endless supply of payroll cash. Now, 3,700 people are without a paycheck at the “most wonderful time of the year”.

Facebook aka Meta is laying off thousands as well. I’ve heard the magic number there is 11,000. They blame the pandemic for their over-hiring and failure to properly assess staffing needs. But if you want to blame the pandemic, thank a leftist for that nonsense while you’re at it.

Amazon just announced huge layoffs, their biggest ever- a good 10,000 at least. Alexa division employees are among those being slashed. If you group Twitter, Amazon, and Meta, it looks like the decades-long tech boom is winding down. The NYPD will lose 4,000 officers by Christmas. Talk about your Blue Santa!

Where is our President with his plan?

That fool is out there somewhere shaking hands with dead people. But he does have a plan.

In fact, Biden told voters exactly what to expect now that midterms have passed.

And you’ll never believe what he said… when asked what he will change moving forward, the king of dementia said “NOTHING!”. That’s right, expect more of the same.

No jobs. No workforce. No money. It’s gets better– no economic growth. No safety or security. We will get exactly what we already got. Nothing. And if we don’t find a better way to mobilize our voters, 2024 will do NOTHING to change it. So you better start looking around you, and deciding who you can count on, and insisting they get their butts to the polls. Sure, we have two years to prepare. But judging by midterms, two years isn’t quite what it takes to get the job done.

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