Well, California’s at it AGAIN!

Morally diseased and intellectually dishonest Governor Gavin Newsom wants to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to each of the 1.8 million black persons in California as “reparations” because their ancestors were slaves.

As if California doesn’t have enough trouble paying for illegal aliens, forest fires, floods and earthquakes, now Democrat Newsom’s Reparations Task Force on September 23, 2022 hung a price tag around Californians’ necks for housing discrimination, incarceration, and health disparities.


Incarceration?! Blacks represent 13% of the American population, yet commit about 75% of the crimes. As for health disparities, I see volumes of articles by blacks saying they don’t trust white doctors so they don’t go to the doctor. Also, blacks’ dietary habits and lifestyles are not optimal for health. Many are overweight yet malnourished from sodas, junk food, chitlins (chitterlings for you white folks; they are the large intestines of pigs but can also be from cows and are loaded with 78% cholesterol). A huge percentage indulge in liquor, cigarettes, drugs. And many never exercise.


Democrat-governed states and localities are eagerly mulling over Newsom’s pioneering travesty. Some, such as St. Paul, Minnesota and Evanston, Illinois, have already issued reparations.

Market Watch wrote a sob story on October 28th which considers reparations justified. Blacks were interviewed as to what they would do with the reparations money. They all wanted houses versus the rentals they currently live in.

Newsflash: scads of white people can’t afford houses either. Because of the AMINO (American In Name Only) who’s filling the White House with adult diapers, most of us can’t afford gasoline. And the truckers – most of them white folks – who bring us our food and everything else can’t afford diesel and are going broke.

The sob story goes on to lament about the disparity in black income vs. white. Well, I can assure you that whites who don’t study, play hooky, drop out and don’t graduate aren’t being offered CEO jobs either. And whatever color you are, if you spend your days shooting up, smoking crack, shucking and jiving on your front door stoop, I guarantee you are in no danger of being inducted into “Who’s Who in America”.


One gentleman, a professional dancer, likewise stated that he’ll spend his reparations doleout on a house and other goodies he can’t afford now because of his unpredictable income.

Newsflash #2: from the beginning of time, artists the world over have had a tough time making a living. Hence the cliché, “starving artist”. Race is not a factor.

A university-educated gentleman with – count them – two high-paying uppercrust jobs self-published something that he deludes himself is a book. He calls it “The 400-Year Holocaust: White America’s Legal, Psychopathic, and Sociopathic Black Genocide — and the Revolt Against Critical Race Theory”. We can assume it’s why he feels supremely entitled to the proposed money.


The whole concept of reparations is stupid and unjust.  Aside from the fact that psychologists and psychiatrists have proven that living in the past can poison our lives, consider that whites didn’t go pussyfooting around gathering up random blacks wherever they could find them in Africa and plunking them onto ships to take back to the Colonies. Africans sold their own kind to slave traders. And where did the unfortunates who were sold come from? Warring tribes who were the victors captured their opponents. You see, Africans couldn’t get along with other Africans. So if you want reparations, go get it from the African governments.


Tragically, this phenomenon of blacks against blacks in Africa continues to this day. Many Africans are fighting, killing, maiming, raping, and starving each other.

ISSAfrica.org alerted in its PSS Report that “Libya, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Northern Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Cameroon’s north-west and south-west regions are six African conflict hotbeds to watch in 2022.”  Headquartered in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, the Institute for Security Studies issues regular PSS or Peace and Security Reports. The PSS is a standing organ of the African Union (AU).

In Rwanda, the Tutsis and Hutus are mortal enemies.

Somalia has a long history of tribal warfare among the Mareehaan, Gadabursi, Isaaq, et alia. Currently in Somalia the Sunni Muslims – meaning not just the Sunni government but communities and family members  plus al-Shabab and other terrorist Islamic groups – are  slaughtering Christian Somalis. In addition, al-Shabab shoots up schools, kidnaps little children, indoctrinates them, trains them, arms them, and forces them to murder fellow Somalis. Sometimes their own families.

Elsewhere in the world there is likewise longstanding warfare among cultural factions- in Australia among tribes and in New Guinea, independent from Australia since 1975, among clans.

There is even intratribal warfare. For example, in Latin America the Yanomami Indians of Venezuela still kill each other. Currently it’s over theft of Western goods, especially steel.

In our own United States, the staggering majority of murders, rapes, and other crimes against blacks are perpetrated by other blacks.


So back to reparations for American blacks. How quaint that Kanye West became a billionaire without reparations. Amazing that Kobe Bryant did not ask for, or wait for, reparations to become a legendary basketball player. Kevin Jackson, founder of the Kevin Jackson Network and TheBlacksphere.net miraculously got his Electrical Engineering degree on his own and became a successful serial entrepreneur without dreams of reparations dancing in his head.

Also, there’s Byron Allen. He owns the Weather Channel and Entertainment Studios after having carved out a career as a standup comedian (he debuted on The Tonight Show at age 14!) and hosting numerous television programs. He didn’t wait around for reparation pennies from heaven.

Gosh golly gee whiz, Joseph Blakeney Brown, Jr., didn’t either. Better known as Judge Joe Brown, he graduated as valedictorian from his high school in the famed, brutally dangerous crime-ridden neighborhood of South Central L.A. in the poor and black Crenshaw District. Judge Brown earned a Bachelor’s in Political Science and a Juris Doctor from UCLA. Among the highlights of his stellar career, he became the first black prosecutor in Memphis Tennessee, after that the head of the Memphis public defender’s office. He also ran his own law practice. Subsequently he accepted the invitation to star in his own show as TV judge.


And who would be hit up for these reparations? Well you and I would be, of course.

I don’t know about you but I never had any slaves. I emigrated from Hungary so in the immortal lyrics of the iconic song by The Turtles:


Oh! One more thing about reparations. Here’s a shoutout to the Reparations People who will be doling out the funds. As a little immigrant girl who was discriminated against and bullied, I want a Pagani. In my favorite color. You can get me either a Pagani Utopia for $3 million or a Huaura for $2.19 million. I’m not picky.

Also I feel the need for a Lenco Bearcat G2 tactical vehicle so I could fit in up to 12 friends because my Pagani will only be a 2-seater. New $350,000. (Used only $249k. I’m not against economizing.) I also need some extra money to have it painted my favorite color.

And by the way, because I’m an advocate of solving problems by going to their root cause instead of placing Band-Aids on symptoms, I’m targeting the one who started the whole mess for all of us. I’m suing that bitch, Eve, Adam’s wife

Vote, kevin Jackson

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