America’s Alarming Capitulation to Black People

“You can’t Handle the truth!”

Those iconic words from actor Jack Nicholson heard in the 1992 film, “A Few Good Men” still remind us all about an unshakeable fact of life; most of us can’t handle the truth. As much as we banter about phrases like “keeping it real,” “keeping it 100,” and being “true to yourself,” nothing could be further from reality.

Despite husbands asking their wives “was I the best you’ve ever had?” and wives asking their husbands “do I look fat in this dress?”- people only think they want the truth until they get it. Not only can we not handle truth outside of what we believe- we refuse to even consider it.

Case in point:

On the evening of January 2nd, 2023, during Monday Night Football, the Cincinnati Bengals (11-4) and the Buffalo Bills (12-3) had just begun their playoff matchup at the most crucial time of the season- mere weeks away from the Super Bowl.

According to the NY Times, the following took place:

“In the first quarter of the game, Damar Hamlin, a 24-year-old safety, tackled Bengals receiver Tee Higgins, taking him to the ground. Hamlin stood up after the tackle and took two steps but then collapsed to the turf. Higgins was not hurt. Hamlin went into cardiac arrest and was administered CPR, and his heartbeat was revived on the field. He was then taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in critical condition. The information on his condition was released by the team and was more candid than typical NFL injury reports. After about an hour, and through conflicting reports about whether play might resume, the game was postponed indefinitely.”

Initially I thought it was certainly tragic; a young person in the prime of his life having a cardiac episode. Yet I also wondered “what was the point of canceling the game?’. Then, it dawned on me. About two days later, I posted  these words on Facebook:

“Would the NFL have canceled the Buffalo/Cincinnati Monday Night Football game if Damar Hamlin wasn’t black?”

Almost instantaneously, the backlash came from both expected places as well as unlikely sources, but the gist of the situation was this: people were by-and-large offended. The “response” was divided in three parts: about 60% of responders felt I made the tragedy about color and angrily promised to either block me or derided me for even making the point; about 20% simply disagreed, feeling that the NFL would’ve canceled it regardless of color, and the remaining 20% simply agreed and/or conceded that it was a possibility.

Amid the vitriol and confusion, I decided to pull the post to alleviate further misconstruing. However, this did not change the validity of the point, nor the necessity of the question.

Was his color a factor in the postponing and ultimately canceling of the game?

The reality is that the 60% and the remaining 20% were both correct. In the last several years, the American media and Left-wing politicians have bent over backwards to cater to the whims of White liberals and Black-race baiters professing to speak on the behalf of the “downtrodden and oppressed” indigenous people and people of
color. The result? The eradication of faces like Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, the ‘Cream of Wheat’ chef, and the ‘Land o’ Lakes’ Indian woman from our breakfast tables and cupboards, as well as the addition of several new shades of brown to Crayola crayons, Leggs and Haynes panty hose, and forever changing the hue of ‘Band-Aid’ brand band- aides.

These actions are indicative of America’s capitulation to Black, and minority communities, and the cancellation of Monday Night Football was clearly no different- this was about color.

Consider the following:

In 1971, a similar tragedy that befell Damar Hamlin ultimately took the life of Chuck Hughes, wide receiver for the Detroit Lions. A recent article in Time magazine reports the story:

“For some fans, the 24-year-old (Hamlin) Bills star’s medical emergency evokes the death of Chuck Hughes more than 50 years ago, who also collapsed during a game. To date, Hughes remains the only NFL player to die after collapsing on the field, according to most sources.

The teams did not suspend the game, but instead played the final minute as medics tried to save Hughes. Chuck Hughes, a 28-year-old wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, suddenly collapsed at the end of the fourth quarter of a game against the Chicago Bears in Detroit on Oct. 24, 1971.

His teammates finished off the final 62 seconds of game time after medical aid wheeled Hughes away. Attempts to resuscitate him continued in the hospital, but he was pronounced dead nearly an hour later at Ford Hospital due to a heart attack.”

While this point of reference was 50 years ago, many now honestly admit, the game should have continued. Some of us even remember a time where the “show would” simply, “go on.” After all, it was about more than just Hamlin. What about the millions of fans that finally were able to attend outdoor events like post-COVID football games, and
had poured their money into tickets, airplane trips, house-sitters, babysitters and dog-sitters- taking time off work that they could barely afford?

This year was the first year after COVID that families did things that the last two years prevented them from doing. What about the vendors, finally able to make real money after so long? Will they all be reimbursed? This was more than about one player- that decision to cancel affected millions.

This is the world we now live in.

For many, making excuses and concessions for non-white citizens behavior, activities and social status has become the norm. We have allowed passes in situations, based on color and political affiliation that would not
otherwise have taken place. Will Smith’s slapping of Chris Rock should have led to an immediate arrest and an assault charge- but he is a Black liberal.

Whoopi Goldberg’s anti-Semitic rhetoric would have resulted in her being fired- but she is a Black liberal. MSNBC’s Joy Reid’s nightly incendiary, racist, vile statements and commentary should’ve forced MSNBC to remove her-but she is a Black liberal.

In a meritocratic, Republic Democracy this should never happen. However, things have changed. Maybe the America that you believed in and our founding fathers envisioned is eroding as we speak. Is it too late?
You be the judge. But in your search for the answer, you may discover that you can’t handle the truth.

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