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Prominent Republican HID 2020 Election Fraud PROOF

Wisconsin Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos was up to no good during the 2020 election and its aftermath.

Now, we learn that he suppressed evidence that proved election fraud happened. Of course, I’m not surprised, and frankly, no one else is either. This is what we’ve come to expect from leftists and RINOs alike.

In a Guest post by Jefferson Davis, the Gateway Pundit reports:

Wisconsin election integrity expert Peter Bernegger went public last week publishing an exhaustive list of apparent election fraud evidence in a string of over 100 Twitter postings (https://mobile.twitter.com/peterbernegger) and appearing on the conservative Talk Show, The Schroeder Show, WTAQ, in Green Bay.  Bernegger implicated Wisconsin Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) in a cover-up of evidence that clearly affected the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin (https://omny.fm/shows/the-schroeder-show/the-schroeder-show-12-31-2022-segment-5https://omny.fm/shows/the-schroeder-show/the-schroeder-show-12-31-2022-segment-6 and https://omny.fm/shows/the-schroeder-show/the-schroeder-show-12-31-2022-segment-7).

Twitter has not pulled these postings down nor have they censored Peter Bernegger.

The 2020 Wisconsin Presidential Election was allegedly decided by just 20,682 votes with President Trump leading by some 110,000 votes at midnight with all precincts having reporting their results.  Then at 3:26 A.M., a massive vote dump from a supposed missing flash-drive on Wednesday, November 4th, of some 170,000 votes by the City of Milwaukee Elections Director Claire Woodall-Vogg, showed President Trump’s lead having completely evaporated in an 18-minute time-period.

Wisconsin’s 10 Electoral College Votes gave Joe Biden the necessary margin of victory to get to the necessary 270 Electoral College Votes.
After nearly one year of window-dressing, obfuscation, delays and stalling tactics, Speaker Vos (R-Rochester) appointed former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman late in the summer of 2021 to investigate the administration of the 2020 Presidential Election after responding to mounting public pressure.

Justice Gableman filed his historic Election Fraud Report on March 1, 2022, documenting widespread election fraud that clearly affected the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin along with the violation of countless Wisconsin State Statutes by election officials throughout the State of Wisconsin.

Justice Gableman concluded his Election Fraud Report with the recommendation to the Wisconsin Legislature that they should seriously consider reclaiming Wisconsin’s 10 Electors until it could be irrefutably determined if the election fraud, that his investigation team had uncovered to date, had affected the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin (Microsoft Word – OSC Second Interim Report (wisconsin.gov) Page 135-36).
Speaker Vos (R-Rochester) admitted shortly after Justice Gableman’s Election Fraud Report was filed with the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections (March 16, 2022), when he met with a group of Wisconsin Election Integrity Supporters, that “…There was widespread election fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin.”
Speaker Vos (R-Rochester) also admitted in May of 2022, that, “If there is overwhelming evidence of election fraud proven in a court of law that affected the outcome of the election, then and only then can you have a do-over of that election even after someone has already been sworn into office.” (video robin vos may 24, 2022 wisconsin eye – Google Search)
In America, whenever it is proven that election fraud affected the outcome of an election, the only remedy for the proper legal authority is to either declare a new winner or order a do-over for that election as documented with the following 20 cases over the past 30 years that includes every level of government federal, state, county and local:
The most recent example of this is in Screven County, Georgia, from the November 8, 2022, election, when a County Judge ordered a do-over due to “systematic irregularities” of the administration of the election.  Screven County is near Hilton Head Island in Georgia.

Fraud Acknowledged!

It’s hard to understand how we have yet to rectify this situation! Biden should not be sitting at the head honcho’s desk. He can’t even remember to tie his shoes!

GP further adds:

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled on July 8, 2022 (Frontsheet (wpr.org) – Page 14), that the 2020 election was conducted in an unlawful manner, and the results were illegitimate due the illegal use of the some 573 illegal absentee ballot drop boxes scattered across Wisconsin in the 2020 Presidential Election.
The Wisconsin Election Commission reported that nearly 2 million out of some 3.3 million total votes were absentee ballots for November 3, 2020, Election, with hundreds of thousands of those absentee ballots being deposited into the illegal ballot drop boxes.
Speaker Vos (R-Rochester) eventually fired Justice Gableman in August of 2022, after an obvious conflict between the Speaker and Justice Gableman developed on how to proceed with the investigation and the potential prosecution referrals for the election fraudster actions that affected the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election.
Peter Bernegger has detailed and in-depth information from the election fraud investigation involving many different components and is apparently calling out Speaker Vos (R-Rochester) to either turn the election fraud evidence over to the proper legal authorities for possible prosecution referrals or the matter will be resolved in court through a different venue.
The Twitter postings involve a litany of election fraud actions with the naming of numerous bad actors that include, but are not limited to the following:

Main players – Claire Woodall-Vogg (City of Milwaukee), Kimberly Zapata (City of Milwaukee), Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein (Zuckerberg), Meagan Wolfe (WEC), Robert Kehoe (WEC), USPS, Reid Hoffman (Alloy US), Mark Zuckerberg, MICAH, Sols to the Polls, Voices de la Frontera, CTCL, Brennan Center, Lawrence Nahik, Center for Voter Information, Dominion, ERIC, Elections Group, Speaker Vos (R-Rochester), Maribeth Witzel-Behl (City of Madison), Jonathan Zuniga (City of Milwaukee), Sonia Maldonado, Neil Albrecht (City of Milwaukee), Omar Sheikh (Elections Group), Mover List, Indefinitely Confined, Nursing Homes, Special Voting Deputies, curing ballots, illegal voter registration forms and MyVote WI.

  • Main efforts – inject as many ballots into the system as possible by whatever means necessary to get the desired outcome for democrats without detection.
  • MyVote WI voter rolls may be compromised.
  • Thousands of suspicious voter registrations.
  • Activate vs. deactivate voter eligibility to vote.
  • Suspicious IP addresses receiving voting data from various election administrators.
  • Indefinitely Confined designation severely abused.
  • ERIC Mover List not enforced.
  • Fake addresses used to get absentee ballots returned for nefarious use.
  • Flood the zone with hundreds of thousands of absentee ballot requests.
  • Tens of thousands of absentee ballots never returned.
  • Fake voter registrations.
  • Abused military voter registration.
  • Abused military absentee ballot requests.
  • Absentee ballot requests sent to an address not associated with the voter requesting the ballot.
  • Flood the zone with absentee ballots.
  • Illegal absentee ballot drop boxes severely abused.
  • Non-profit groups filled out absentee ballots.
  • Flash drive or sticks being compromised.
  • Printing of extra absentee ballots at Milwaukee City Hall 3 weeks before the November 2020, election.
  • Ballot traffickers paid to stuff absentee ballot drop boxes in the middle of the night without any video surveillance as required by WEC.
  • NGO’s (Non-government Organizations) handing out and paying ballot traffickers to stuff absentee ballots into the system.
  • Incestuous relationship between democrats, non-profits and some election administration officials.
  • Severe nursing home voting abuses.
  • Violating Veteran Nursing Home residents.
  • Speaker Vos (R-Rochester) authorized the investigation of the 2020 Election and is accused of suppressing all or part of this information.
  • When confronted about the massive election fraud that may have affected the outcome of the 2020 Election, Speaker Vos (R-Rochester) is alleged to have said, “I don’t f&^*%#@ care!”
  • Many eyewitnesses and affidavits.
It appears there will be an endgame in Wisconsin and soon regarding the obvious election fraud from the 2020 Presidential Election that affected the outcome of the election supposedly decided by just 20,682 votes.
Wisconsin and America deserve nothing less.
We certainly don’t deserve Joe Biden! Or his crooked family.
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