SHENANIGANS of the World Health Organization

As if the CDC and Fauci at NIH haven’t effed up the world enough… Have you heard that the WHO has renamed monkey pox as “mpox”?

No, I don’t mean the rock group, “The Who”, although doubtless the world would be in much better shape if they ran the World Health Organization.

Don’t believe me? Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, before he was head of W.H.O. and when he was Ethiopia’s Minister of Health, covered up 3 separate cholera outbreaks. He also gained the Director Generalship of the WHO by behind-the-scenes Chinese Communist support. His directorship has been plagued from the start by one scandal after another, including money earmarked for A.I.D.S. in West Africa being fraudulently diverted by a senior official to fly his girlfriend to where he was. And Ghebreyesus is currently engaged with college dropout, non-physician, non-scientist billionaire control freak, Bill Gates, in cooking up more mayhem for the world.

Monkeypox was renamed “mpox” by the WHO to avoid stigma – meaning stigma to the homosexuals because it is exclusively a male homosexual, non-fatal disease.  Except for one infant and one toddler who doubtless were exposed to or experimented on by a male homosexual. As of December 2022, the last report available from the CDC, 5 cases are listed nationwide in the U.S.

The Left is great at this.

They euphemize everything : overrunning a country and taking away everyone’s rights they term “power to the people”.  Brainwashing concentration camps are called “reeducation” camps. The purpose of these camps is much like the censorship going on by Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Expressing anything on these social media platforms which is at odds with what the Left thinks results in victims being fired from their jobs, having banks peremptorily close their accounts, and more injustices.

Back when I was a little kid, some moron(s?) in power decided in my locality that the sight of red fire engines was too scary because people associated the color red with catastrophe and danger. So he/she/they/whoever decided to have all the fire trucks and emergency vehicles repainted yellow.

HELLO-O-O!  Now everybody associates the color yellow on emergency vehicles with tragedy!!!

You’re not allowed to describe fat people as “fat” anymore. They’re to be euphemized as “curvy”.  I watch the “My 600-lb Life” reality show on t.v.  Does not terming a 600-pounder “fat” bring them back from the dead after their massive cardiac arrest?  Or does it unbreak the chair they sat on which splintered into more pieces than the so-called “weather balloon” that landed in Roswell, New Mexico on July 08, 1947? (Don’t get me started on Roswell.)

The Communists with their Leftist and Socialist minions have created an alternative to reality. Take note that – unlike the Left, I deliberately refrain from using one of their pet terms, “alternate reality”.  Why? Because something is either real or it’s not. There is only one reality. Like another of their pet terms, “your/my/his/her/their” truth. While there can exist various perceptions of the truth, there is only one truth.

Why do Leftists engage in such moral relativism?

#1 They’re liars.  #2 they have a pathological aversion to reality. Notice how they’re plugging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) every chance they get? And why is this? Because reality is TRUTH. And they couldn’t hoodwink people and gain converts if they told the truth.

In line with the Left’s denial of and escape from reality, I propose the following new nomenclatures.  Especially for you I have formulated a list.


    2. ARSON is to be canceled from the law books and dictionaries.  It is now “ENJOYMENT OF INCENDIARY TEMPERATURES”. Thusly, criminal law will henceforth regard the perpetrators thereof as “INCENDIARY TEMPERATURE PRACTITIONERS”.
      Still with me?
    4. CAR ACCIDENT PERPETRATORS  must no longer be called “the sonuvabitch who crashed into me and ran up my insurance premium” or anything else. I have rechristened them as “PAULI EXCLUSION PRINCIPLE VERIFIERS. (The Pauli Exclusion Principle is a law of Physics that basically says two bodies cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

    5. DROWNING VICTIMS will henceforth be known as “ARCHIMEDES’ PRINCIPLE VERIFIERS” (Archimedes’ Principle is a law of Physics about water displacement. Archimedes is the smart Greek chap who in the Third Century B.C. discovered that the upward buoyant force exerted on a body immersed in fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces downward. It’s a cornerstone of Fluid Dynamics.)
    6. PREGNANCY I decree shall from now on be labeled an “ENTREPRENEURIAL INTRA-CORPOREAL STARTUP”. Has a nice, corporate ring to it, no?
    7. ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION will now be known medically as “GRAVITATIONAL SUBMISSION” and its sufferers will be redubbed “GRAVITY LOYALISTS”.
      1. Accordingly, men who are capable of flying their flags full-mast must no longer be known as “healthy” or “normal”. Of course not. In the Leftist world nothing is admitted to be normal because everything abnormal is considered something to be celebrated. These latter dudes will be known as “GRAVITY RESISTORS” and their condition will be known as “ANTI-GRAVITY PREFERENCE”.
    8. RECTAL SEX is renamed “ADVENTURES ALONG THE CHOCOLATE HIGHWAY”. I must admit that this is the only non-original term on my list. It was told to me by two male homosexual attorney friends of mine over lunch one day. (I will not call them “gay”. “Gay” is not a medical term. The word’s definition of “cheerful” and “high-spirited” was co-opted by the Left. Does describing homosexuals as “gay” lower their suicide, depression, or venereal disease rate? Of course not.)
    9. FARTING we shall henceforth refer to as “OLFACTORY DIVERSITY-SEEKING”.

How’s that for starters, dear Readers?  Can you add any more?

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