Medical Update: President Biden is Dying

Joe Biden is dying. And I know this because of his latest medical report.

The “expert” doctor gave Biden a clean bill of health. I have to wonder if this is the same doctor who declared that Fetterman was “fit to serve”?

What we’ve learned about “experts” in the medical field in the Era of Biden is there are no experts. Fauci. Fraud. CDC. Not to be believed. Pfizer. To be feared.

Compound these truths with the unquestionable truth that Leftist lie ALL the time, and you understand that Biden must be dying.

But if we believe Biden’s doctors, the man may live forever.

CNN reported:

Joe Biden remains “healthy” and “vigorous,” his physician reported Thursday after a routine physical, and is “fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency.”

The physical, which occurred earlier in the day at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, did result in a small lesion on Biden’s chest being removed for a biopsy, the results of which are still pending.

Other exams of the president’s head, ears, eyes, nose and throat were normal. An “extremely detailed” neurologic exam found no findings that would be consistent with stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease.

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Well there you have it. Biden is “fit to serve”.

Of course, judging by Biden’s Year in Review, the 2022 epic gaffe collection, Biden may need a second opinion.

Still not quite convinced? Then here is Biden’s Year in Review for 2021:

I don’t want to get all logical on people about what happens to old people, but there are studies about aging that don’t bode well for Biden.

Simply put: Biden now ages in dog years.

One of the top things to experience difficulty in your 70s is the mind. And this is particularly true if you’ve had multiple brain surgeries, as Biden has.

Despite 20 lifetimes of obvious signs of dementia, Biden’s doctors assure us that he is fit to serve.

For those of you noticing that Biden walks like he’s 90, don’t worry. According to his doctor, that “stiff gait” can be solved with custom orthotics that help with his feet.

Further, Biden loves his fitness. As the doctor reported, he continues to work out five days a week.

Finally, his contact lens prescription was updated. So now he can actually see the gym equipment that he so vigorously uses, what was it…”five days a week”.

Like I said. Biden is a good as dead.

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