Biden Department of Justice Evaluating J6 Prosecutions

With revelations about the true nature of January 6, the Biden administration caught itself in a web of lies.

Video evidence proves that Democrats orchestrated the fake narrative of a January 6 insurrection. Democrats actually invited the insurrectionists, and actually used the FBI to participate in that lie.

In the end, the Biden administration illegally prosecuted people who committed no crime. So how do they keep propagating the lie? The Biden Administration revealed its strategy.

Spike the Numbers

As with all things Leftists do when concocting their narratives, they fudge the data. One revelation exposed that Democrats wanted to arrest anybody who attended the rally. An FBI whistleblower told Congress that Democrats wanted to add 138 additional people to the fraudulent enemy list they built on three rally organizers.

Democrats will be hard pressed to give up this narrative. It’s too important to the election integrity lie they’ve spun about the 2020 Presidential Election.

So according to Bloomberg News,

U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves wrote to Beryl Howell, the former chief judge of the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., on October 28th, predicting that the number of individuals facing charges for their involvement in the January 6th Capitol insurrection could double, with between 700 and 1,200 more individuals potentially facing charges.

I know. This makes no sense. With everything the J6 videos exposed, how could they possibly consider adding to the American citizens illegal jailed?

In understanding Leftists, you must evaluate from the standpoint of insanity.

By adding to the number, they perpetuate the ruse. And there will be an outcry. Eventually Democrats will do the opposite and not add anybody to the list. Later, they will release the other prisoners with little hoopla. Those prisoners will be required to accept freedom by signing gag orders, and all will be well with J6.

Check out the next part of this story:

However, Graves acknowledged the complexity of the investigation and the difficulty in predicting future cases with certainty, as changing resources and circumstances may require adjustments to the estimates.

Imagine what would have happened if Speaker Kevin McCarthy had not released the tapes. Even Graves admits that noted that Carlson’s airing of security footage from the Capitol and that pesky Republican investigation into the January 6 Committee may impact the ongoing cases.

Illegal arrests by the numbers.

Since the Capitol farce insurrection, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia has made over 1,000 arrests. The Biden administration for most of over 500 defendants to plead guilty, including four to a federal charge of seditious conspiracy.

But they overreached. as Special counsel Jack Smith is investigating former President Donald Trump on two fronts. You can bet that Trump salivates at the idea of having his day in court on this. Ask yourself, “Why with over 500 people pleading guilty have Democrats not gotten the so-called ring leader?”

J6 is blowing up in the face of Democrats. But understand that Republicans have more charges to detonate, pun intended.

Expect the arrests to stop. Abruptly. Next, you will see Democrats backtrack. They will be lucky to keep a lid on all this, though they’ve done a good job so far.



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