Dear Audrey and Future Followers

It’s been international news that a Caucasian 28-year-old female, Audrey Hale, who fancied herself to be a transgender male, Aiden Hale, slaughtered little kids and adults at a Christian school in Nashville.

Moments before the massacre, Hale texted her former basketball teammate and friend in middle school, a black lady named Averriana Patton, about her intention to off herself. Patton desperately reached out to a suicide hotline, then the sheriff’s office, and after that the police, but didn’t know Hale’s address. The only method of contact she had was Instagram.


“I’m not trying to upset you or get attention,”  the transgender wrote. It’s a lie that she didn’t want publicity. Why else would she write a manifesto that she knew would be, and obviously intended and enthusiastically wanted to be, publicized after her demise?

If she didn’t want publicity, why did she kill other people? Everybody knows that crimes against little children are especially publicized in the news. She didn’t kill a bunch of alley cats. That wouldn’t have garnered her much if any publicity at all.


Such people are not only evil but they are egomaniacs. Hale responded to Ms. Patton’s encouragement to persuade her from taking her life:  “I know but I don’t want to live. I’m so sorry. I’m not trying to upset you or get attention.”

The hell she didn’t want attention. What a liar. Why call anybody if you don’t want attention? She knew that Averriana Patton, whose kind heart Hale effusively praised:  “[you’re the] the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen or known in my life”, was caring and would immediately seek help. And she knew those efforts would result in attention. In publicity.

Publicity: the goal of all such nobodies who have zero achievements. (Hale graduated from art school but her work shows minimal talent.)


She then ends her missive to Ms. Patton with “See you again in another life.”

Really? The near laughable audacity of it. She expects to go to heaven.

Even in our physical lives there are consequences for everything we do, be they physical or emotional. One of the laws of Physics is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This idiot fantasizes that there are no consequences in the afterlife. Why should there not be?


If you are a good person who has no intention of committing a crime but feels that your situation is unbearable and you can’t take living anymore, please do not contact a family member, or a friend, or a clergyman.

I’ll tell you why. Their phone line might be busy. Perhaps they can’t answer your call, text message or knock on the door. That will only serve to render you even more depressed.

Instead call the new 24/7 3-digit suicide hotline: 988. If you can’t remember that, which in the midst of emotional upheaval you might not, please call 911 which is also 24/7. YOU ARE WORTH SAVING!

And just remember, any prior heartbreak and awful situation you experienced before this crisis in your life is TEMPORARY. I’m talking about even things in first grade which hurt so very much at the time, such as a friend dropping you. Please, please remember that you got over it. Whatever is in your life now, as much as it might hurt, it will go away just as your pain did back then.

However, if you are an egomaniac who wants to remove yourself from the planet, but wants publicity, then call a television station right before you do it. But don’t involve anyone else.

Set up a camera or your cellular phone’s camera to record your doings. But don’t involve anyone else.

Write an excoriating letter to everyone you imagine has wronged you or actually has. But don’t involve anyone else.


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