Fetterman’s Deep Fake Double

Who is the REAL Fetterman?

The Fetterman story captured the interest of Americans, particularly Pennsylvanians for many reasons.

First, would anybody really elect a hoodie-wearing candidate who stroked out during an election?

Second, would anybody elect a man whose performance as a mayor and Lt. Gov. sucked as bad as Fetterman’s?

Post-election (cheat), Fetterman checked himself into the hospital for depression. And post-check-in, some Americans are asking, “Where is Fetterman?”

A recent post that went viral attempted to answer that question with more questions. This post went viral, because it shows two Fettermans. But which one is the real one.

Catturd marveled at the “head replacement”.

I agree with Catturd, as the head is different. The most noticeable issue on this comparison are the ears. Ears are like fingerprints, as no two are the same.

Juanita Brodderick tweeted:

I think a DNA sample is in order, here. LOL. That’s not Fetterman on the right.

Certainly the picture on the left appears to be stretched horizontally. Regardless, if you examine the other features, one can see that this is not the same man.

As you look at the next picture of Fetterman, compare the man pictured with the earlier pics.

Have we solved the mystery of why Fetterman’s wife abandoned her “husband” and took the kids? Is this a real-life version of Family Man?

But what’s most interesting about the picture questioned involves the year the picture was taken. The new controversy is the picture is not from 2023, but from 2022.

Both pictures have been used to feature Fetterman, so it’s not a fake in that regard. So were Pennsylvanians duped a while back?

What separates the men pictured in your opinion? Or do you believe both pictures are of Fetterman?


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