Stormy Daniels Admits: No Affair with Donald Trump

Can things get any worse for NY District Attorney Alvin “Jabba” Braggs?

First his key witness, retread Michael Cohen can’t deliver the goods because his adviser dropped a dime on him. Bob Costello outed Cohen as a liar.

Second, that pesky 2018 letter where Cohen admits he paid Stormy Daniels the so-called hush money.

And sure to dry the panties of Leftist men and “women” everywhere, Stormy Daniels herself now recants the affair. TMZ reported:

What took so long? Nothing. That article was from 2018.

How many times have I mentioned that a decent-looking billionaire, hell even a hideous billionaire doesn’t have to pay a porn skank for some “strange”? Given the choice of women Trump would have, why would he bottom-feed with Daniels?

Later, Daniels took to Anderson Cooper to deny the denial… but that’s the thing about lying skanks. You never know when to believe them.

Now Daniels is going around offering to “dance down the street” if Trump is arrested, but as I have previously predicted, Democrats would have to be pretty stupid to let that arrest ever come to fruition. I can only assume Trump’s latest response to these ridiculous charges is, in fact, a nod to Stormy. When discussing his possible arrest, Trump’s idea was brilliant. In a nutshell, Trump said, “Cuff me.” It does sound like something a porn star would like to do…

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