The Case AGAINST Ron DeSantis for President

With so many people gunning for Ron DeSantis to run for office in 2024, here’s a big endorsement against his candidacy.

All things being equal – DeSantis is a great governor and has done an incredible job in Florida. Just look at Hurricane Ian 6 months ago. He managed the emergency repairs on the bridge, restoring access to Pine Island in 3 days. No politics involved – just action. Florida still needs his strong leadership.

Imagine where New York City would have been if Rudy Giuliani only ran for one term. He took on mob bosses and gangs and cleaned up the streets. More importantly, Giuliani took command over a devastated city after the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Giuliani’s no-nonsense approach to leading restored NYC to one of the safest cities again. One term would not have benefitted his attempts to get the city under control. His tough on crime goals lowered crime rates by an estimated 56%, with a 66% drop in murders.

Conversely, Bill DeBlasio was an abject failure on every level. New York and New Yorkers suffered miserably because of him. His failures and mismanagement started immediately, the affects reverberating in every facet of life for the city that never sleeps. He was a woke neanderthal, not too bright and incredibly lazy. His ‘Defund the Police’ devastated the city.

Florida is thriving under DeSantis.

People are leaving blue states in droves to get away from nonsensical laws and practices by the likes of Eric Adams, who is following in DeBlasio’s footsteps. Literally every policy Gavin Newsom institutes on California’s behalf is beyond corrupt and incomprehensibly stupid.

Apparently, Newsom’s angry that people are leaving the beautiful state of California for greener pastures. He’s looking to tax those that leave – even after they’ve left. Can he do that?? California used to be a mecca. People were clamoring to live in the beautiful state, but not anymore, it’s now the armpit of the world.

These days, people clamor for the beaches of Florida. Check out Dave Rubin. He dug in his heels during Covid
while Newsome said no one could grow a garden in their back yard. No one could go out, and everyone needed to be masked. Rubin, a former Democrat, turned Libertarian, was determined to stick with the state he loved to see it through Covid and not abandon it.

But he couldn’t abide by the policies that were decimating his once wonderful state. Guess where he and his family moved?


Rubin couldn’t be happier. He talks about it all the time on his podcast. Rubin in thrilled living under the great Governor DeSantis as they journey towards prosperity and accountability.

Back to Hurricane Ian: the country could do nothing but watch in horror as the storm wreaked havoc on Ft. Myers and surrounding areas. DeSantis held news conferences keeping everyone apprised of the areas affected and what controls were being implemented to counter the damage.

Then there’s DISNEY: Truly, DeSantis worked a miracle there, crushing the decades-long sweetheart deal.

Per Kevin Haggerty of the American Wire:

Florida is turning up the heat on Disney and America’s Governor may soon hold the keys to the Magic Kingdom thanks to a newly proposed bill that would leave the House of Mouse on the hook for $700 million in debt.

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“House of Mouse” – priceless.

But who gave such an amazingly one-sided deal to Disney? It’s ludicrous. Perhaps there was a time and place for it, but it’s no longer appropriate now that Disney got involved in the politics of what’s taught in our elementary schools. The “House of Mouse” should have kept their yap shut and continued on with making magic for our collective youth.

But they didn’t. So, DeSantis took action. Now, Disney is the one learning a lesson. Go Woke, go broke. If they keep it up, the Magic Kingdom is headed straight for the moat.

DeSantis’ mission to hold Disney accountable took inventory of every benefit Disney garnered from the state of Florida. Compared to what every other corporation or citizen receives from the state, well, there is no comparison. It’s not even in the same ballpark. Or shall we say amusement park?

Kudos to DeSantis for terminating their ability to self-govern and forcing them to incorporate into the state. It’s unbelievable that he is the first governor in 56 years to make this move.

The case against Ron DeSantis running for President is clear cut.

He is needed in Florida to continue to make the state a premier place to live, work and flock. At this point in time he is governing the most desirable place in America, and not by chance.

Besides destroying Disney’s sweetheart deal, DeSantis is protecting our children from predatory influencers. He revoked the liquor license from a Florida venue that was performing drag shows in front of children. Consider the emotional harm these types of interactions will have on children. It’s not rocket science.

In times like this, we need DeSantis to continue to make these impactful changes on the state level, and pave the way to spread them beyond his Florida border.

Sarah Sanders in her SOTU rebuttal stated: “ The dividing line in America is no longer between right and left; the choice is between normal and crazy.”


As Florida’s new superstar, DeSantis now draws transplants from blue states. Thus, fortifying the Sunshine State and making sure his policies are well established and ingrained in the minds of the citizenry still capable of critical thinking and reasoning is the ultimate goal.

If DeSantis leaves now, a Democrat might win. Such a/8 tragedy would undo all DeSantis’ hard work- just like Biden dismantled every successful policy Trump implemented- effectively crippling our country.

DeSantis may very well run for president one day, and I hope he does. But Trump is today’s leader. He is the one who pushed so many sleeping conservatives to fight back – to voice their opinions, objections and concerns and to question the legitimacy of the tactics leftists use.

Trump continues to be the catalyst for change within our party, but also for the world.

He destroyed the mainstream media. No one believes any of their lies anymore. CNN finally hit rock bottom and may not recover. Print media is in terrible strife – again, thanks to Trump. As the vanguard for change, Trump inspired the sleepy, complacent conservative sheep to wake up.

Maybe DeSantis owes Trump for paving the way. And Trump deserves to run again with the party behind him. No one has ever taken more punches than Trump. No one ever faced more false accusations lobbed against them, and their family. Clearly, the Deep State is real and they are hell-bent on putting Trump out of commission. Perhaps because he is a threat, perhaps because he knows every one of their secrets. Either way, another Trump victory will destroy them – all of them.

Republicans, including DeSantis owe a lot to Trump. Mostly for paving the way and taking the punches that have been endless and reprehensible. DeSantis is needed in Florida to keep the momentum going, to keep the state strong and focused while ensuring it’s enticing to remain a Red stronghold. I believe the time for DeSantis will come, but Trump’s got 2024 covered.

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