The Most Embarrassing Poll EVER for Democrats

While the narrative claims Republicans are discombobulated, I see things very differently. And this poll says it all.

A tweet brought the Democrats’ embarrassment to my attention.

Let’s examine why this poll portends bad things for Democrats.

First, look at the list. Talk about wanting Biden out. Who isn’t on this list? I think my last Uber driver might be polling at one percent.

12 people. And this with a sitting president? Wait…the person who received the most votes in history. The man so popular that in only half his first term Democrats want any of eleven other people to take his place.

Joe Biden received a measly 23 percent of the vote in this poll. In truth, this is about what he got in the primaries before everyone suddenly and simultaneously dropped out. Consequently, Leftists cheated Biden into office and gave the rewards to a few of those who stuck to the lie.

But Biden’s anemic poll numbers don’t represent the actual bad news.

For example, Michelle Obama polls at number two.

This woman played sidekick to Barack Obama. She has no political experience and no practical experience. Yet, she polls higher than Biden’s VP…by DOUBLE.

How’s that for a vote of confidence for the top two Democrats? Perhaps Democrats want a full black woman versus a half-Jamaican woman to run?

Still, I haven’t gotten to the worst news.

Moving on, take a look at cast of characters Democrats selected. Eliminating Biden and Harris, there remain seven retreads on the list; specifically Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Corey Booker, Amy Klobuchar and Beto O’Rourke.

In other words, Biden performed so poorly, many Democrats are willing to look at the retreads versus keep the same old tires on the wrecked vehicle. Of the retreads and excluding the Biden-Harris, Bernie Sanders polls highest at number five on the list.

Of all the possible people to run as Democrats, the Democrats added two people: Gavin Newsom, and perhaps the worst of the bunch, AOC.

Which brings me to the worst news.

AOC polled evenly with Newsom and O’Rourke. But she beat three candidates, including 2 senators. Wow.

Hard to believe that three percent of Democrats believe AOC is presidential material; that she should replace Biden.

Sadly, Democrats are too stupid to see the real data in this poll. But the numbers don’t lie. Seventy-seven percent of Democrats don’t want Biden. And their bench is as bad now as it was then. No wonder Democrats invest so much in cheating in elections.




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