Trump Will Sue New York City

I predicted that the racist Leftist Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg would eat crow on the Trump indictment. And I love being right.

I felt so good about my prediction, I tweeted that I was investing in CROW. Certainly there would be a shortage given all the crow Democrats would eat soon. And the Party of Lynching of Negroes didn’t disappoint.

In the most recent Democrat screw up, Trump learned through leaks that Democrat NY DA Alvin Bragg planned to arrest the former president. The world was abuzz, and rightfully so.

Arrested for what? Trumped-up charges–pun intended–by that sick piece of sh*t Alvin Bragg.

A case adjudicated at the federal level and essentially dismissed at the state level was revisited by Bragg. The man who reduced 52 percent of felonies to misdemeanors suddenly raised a misdemeanor to a felony. Braggs actions were amazingly stupid on every level, and Democrats knew this.

I only wish Vegas put odds on what was Trump imminent arrest on Tues. I would have hit the lotto.

My prediction? I declared on my radio show that Trump would not be arrested.

First, I based my declaration on the optics of an arrest like this. Surely one high-ranking Democrat with at least two brain cells (difficult to find, I know) would intervene. An arrest of Trump for this nonsense would create a crap storm of monumental proportions.

Did this intervention happen? While it wasn’t needed, I still think Bragg got a phone call.

For my second reason, I had early information. Based on what I knew about Cohen and his business partner, my team explained that Cohen’s law partner Bob Costello would refute everything Cohen said about Trump in an attempt to get himself out of a pickle. What we wrote was ultimately revealed in various interviews.

Alvin Bragg’s “get Trump at any cost” mentality caused this manic state for Leftists. So he threw his base the red meat of an imminent arrest without making all the calculations.

Like Trump don’t play, Bitch. So now we get this document.

My next prediction. Trump will sue the city of New York.

Now that will be justice. Particularly when you consider all that they have put Trump through with frivolous lawsuits. They even sued the Trump kids. I’d be pissed at the city he helped build.

Trump will get his comeuppance, and the payout will be large. Bragg selectively sent information to the Grand Jury. Clearly he lied to get Trump.

Talk about setting Trump up for the biggest “Art of the Deal” payday in history. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Trump set up Alvin Bragg. The long con.

Regardless, Bragg handed Trump the keys to New York City…and the White House again.

With the support of all the dumb a** Leftists who cheered his crimes, Bragg waged an obvious political persecution. And Trump has all the evidence thanks to Bragg’s Grand Jury.

Truly, Trump will undoubtedly get the last laugh on this little sordid tale. And I’m happy to say again that I predicted this would happen.

Trump was never worried

I recall an interview done with Jonathan Turley where he commented that Trump needed to take this seriously. I chuckled. As Turley made this statement, Trump continued with his preparation for the big Trump rally in Waco. Innocent men don’t worry.

Interestingly, I’ve warned Democrats for years now that Trump seems too cool when they supposedly have his back against the wall. Apparently, when you have the truth on your side you needn’t worry.


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