Who Wil Be Trump’s VP: DeSantis Weighs In

Much speculation revolves around the 2024 Presidential Election, particularly who can challenge former coup-deposed President Trump.

Needless to say, the name of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pops up the most. Of course, Floridians might not be so eager to send DeSantis to the big league. They’re still enjoying the spoils of a DeSantis-run ship.

Democrat speculators offered up John Bolton (yeah, I know) and Nikki Haley to replace Trump. But those two combined can’t get more votes than the next Uber driver you ride with.

Then we have Vivek Ramaswamy, the venture capitalist with no political experience who wants to be president. No one recognizes his name yet, but Vivek isn’t worried. He represents the Republican “Andrew Yang”, as he is the young, non-white billionaire businessman who Democrats offer to replace the proven white billionaire businessman.

Perhaps the establishment sees Vivek as Democrats viewed Obama in 2008. Except that at least Vivek actually accomplished something besides cheating in elections. Still, it would be an uphill battle for Vivek.

Truthfully, DeSantis represents the only real challenger to Trump.

Select polls show DeSantis ahead of Trump. But in the real world, Trump wins decisively over all candidates, with DeSantis showing as a strong, but distant second place. So what about DeSantis as Trump’s #2?

I believe this would represent the strongest Republican ticket in some time. But can it happen?

Newsmax interviewed DeSantis on the possibility of being Donald Trump’s vice president. His answer?

DeSantis said he has no interest in being Trump’s running mate.

“I think I’m probably more of an executive guy,” DeSantis said on “Eric Bolling The Balance.”

“I think that you want to be able to do things. That’s part of the reason I got into this job is because we have action.”

“We’re able to make things happen, and I think that’s probably what I am best suited for,” DeSantis added.

I’m a DeSantis fan. But if he answers questions like this, he will struggle to gain traction.

An executive guy? Get things done?

While Florida proved to be a shining light in the Covid darkness spread by Biden, what DeSantis accomplished in Florida pales in comparison to what Trump accomplished for America.

Newsmax reported:

Host Eric Bolling asked, since DeSantis has yet to announce — current Florida law would force him to step down as governor if he did — would he entertain an invitation from a prospective GOP-nominee Trump to be his vice president?

He laughed it off with the response above. And, as for asking Trump to be his vice president if he were to be nominated, DeSantis smiled and called it “interesting speculation” before pivoting like a polished politician.

“The whole party, regardless of any personalities or individuals, you have got to be looking at 2024 and saying, if the Biden regime continues, and they’re able to pick up 10-15 seats in the House and a Senate seat or two, this country is going to be in really, really bad shape,” DeSantis said.

In the 18-minute interview, DeSantis hailed his achievements in Florida, saying he has given Republican leaders a “blueprint” to follow.

“As problematic as our country has been over the last couple of years — it seems like all these guys get these things wrong — if you have the right principles and you have the ability to lead, and you’re willing to show the courage to do it, you can achieve good things,” DeSantis told Bolling.

Sebastian Gorka criticized DeSantis for his recent comments about the potential Trump indictment.

“He does this snarky thing – he has to talk about hush money for porn stars and get giggles from the peanut gallery. It’s an NDA, Ron. I signed an NDA with President Trump in 2015, and I ain’t no porn star,” Gorka said.


President Trump was asked on Newsmax about DeSantis not considering to be his vice president.

“Was that ever an option for you?” Trump was asked.

“No, I never thought of it. I think that we have a lot of great people in the Republican Party. I never thought of it. But, you know, some people every once in a while mentioned it, but that’s about it,” Trump responded.

“People don’t know this about Ron: Ron was a disciple of Paul Ryan. And Paul Ryan was a loser,” Trump commented.


It’s too bad, really. Had DeSantis learned to play second fiddle, he might’ve guaranteed himself a whopping twelve years in the White House. Trump’s second administration is destined to remind America why she loves Republicans so much.

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