The Real Reason Democrats Don’t Want Trump

There is war between Russia and Ukraine. There is war brewing between the US and China. And a new cold war pits China and its allies against the US and her allies.

It’s a mess out there, and that’s exactly what the Democrats were hoping to accomplish.

Think about the litany of things that don’t make sense. The Biden Administration cut the legs out from under American oil production with their cancellation of the pipeline. Then we started buying billions of barrels of oil from Russia. Yet, we are supposedly supporting Ukraine with our resources, whether it be financial aid or military equipment. We’ve spent a staggering $80B thus far, and the bleeding shows no signs of slowing down.

Then we have the southern border. Trump had that problem solved. But we’ll come back to that. Biden opened the border, allowing the free-flow of fentanyl and criminals. Suddenly, there is an influx of illegal immigrants, but they’re not all from South America. Tons of Chinese infiltrators are sneaking across the southern border on a daily basis. Again, WHY?

The flight from China to Mexico is, on average, 16 hrs. 48 mins. However, the flight from China to Texas averages 15 hrs. 38 mins. Why would these Chinese nationals spend one more hour on a plane just to be dropped off somewhere that will require another tumultuous journey to their final destination? It’s like flying to California so you can walk halfway to Vegas, and then hitching a ride in the back of a hippie van driven by Charles Manson in hopes that he’s feeling generous enough to drop you off in one piece.

There is only one reason to plan on entering America from Mexico–and it’s the fact that one can easily carry their criminal activity through the gate without fear of being detained, or better yet, turned away. So not only did the Chinese buy Joe Biden, they are conducting a hostile takeover of America one illegal at a time.

The Scandal Heard ‘Round the World

April 19th, 1775, shots rang out as the battles for the American Revolution began. It was almost 250 years ago, and the ‘shot heard ’round the world’ has lived on as the marker of a brand new world. From that day forward, the birth of the United State would represent a force to reckon with. America would be feared….revered…. and ultimately respected.

Sadly, the inauguration of Joe Biden sent a signal of the same magnitude. Only, this time, it was a death certificate. All that was great and mighty, all that Donald Trump resurrected, now lies in peril. Why fear a country you can walk into and destroy without opposition?

Now consider this. Any one of Joe Biden’s scandals would single-handedly destroy a Republican politician. Imagine if Ted Cruz had proven ties to the Chinese? Ben Carson’s son was investigated for investing in affordable housing. Imagine if he were a crackhead with a history of hookers and pimping politicians? Imagine how the press would handle it if Sarah Palin’s daughter created some crappy artwork, slapped a frame on it, sold it for millions as a cover for getting the buyer face time in front of the President?

What if Mike Huckabee made up lies about his law degree? Plagiarized his speeches? And then, allowed the man his wife rammed her car into to be falsely accused of drunk driving for DECADES… Do you think Huckabee would still be considered a Republican heavy-hitter?

While it’s completely unfathomable, now imagine if just one Republican stood at the center of all these scandals? DC would close ranks, lock that person out in the cold, and leave them for the wolves. So how has Joe Biden not just survived, but THRIVED?

While you are trying to wrap your head around all that, let’s get back to Donald Trump.

Why are Democrats dead-set against Trump?

Five words: The Art of the Deal. Trump knows how to solve problems. From the moment he won the 2016 election, when he brought Carrier back to the table, Trump proved every problem can be solved.

    • Unemployment: solved. Trump put minorities and women to work in record-setting numbers. He put more jobs on the table, and then dished them out like a soup kitchen at suppertime. In fact, joblessness hit a 50-year low.
    • Peace in the Middle East. No one thought that was possible. But when Trump put ISIS out of commission, the possibilities turned into bona fide accomplishments. (How long did it take Biden to unravel that one? A day? A week?)
    • Trade: completely turned around. Trump got us out of the sucker deals we’ve spent decades making. Then he put America first, and renegotiated deals that actually benefit our country. This was BAD NEWS for China.
    • North Korea: Trump was the first leader in American history to step inside the country. Kim Jong-Un actually said “I never expected to see you here,” when they shook hands.
    • Farming and Agriculture: brought new technologies to the table to once again transform the industry.
    • Rescued the economy: the stock market and S&P made record-setting gains. In fact, an October 2020 Gallup survey found “56 percent of Americans said they were better off during a pandemic than four years prior.”.
    • Manufacturing optimism nearly doubled.
    • Household net worth rose $7.4 trillion in Q2 2020 to $112 trillion, an all-time high.
    • Home prices hit an all-time record high.

I could go on, but I think you get the drift. Donald Trump succeeds. He wins. Like he said, he could solve Ukraine and Russia in a day. And it’s not an off-the-cuff exaggeration. In fact, Trump said it’s actually a very simple negotiation, “I will have it solved in 24 hours with Zelensky and with Putin.”

So why not Trump? Because, Democrats don’t want to solve your problems. They are the ones who created them in the first place.










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