The Degenerate Biden Family

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The entire world knows that Hunter Biden is a degenerate. And his father knows this best.

The pathological liar in chief declared of Hunter, “He’s the best man I know.” Really? I don’t think so. That’s Leftist-speak for “I know my son is a degenerate, but he’s my degenerate”.

Ironically, Joe Biden was the worst kind of degenerate. Because like a good teacher, Biden recognizes the trait. After all, he embodied it for decades.

As for Hunter, we learned of his degenerate nature from whom else: Hunter Biden.

Actually, we learned of Hunter’s nature from the laptop computer he left at that repair shop. Yes, that “Russian disinformation” laptop verified by 51 former intelligence officials.

What I find most interesting is that Hunter kept his debauchery on the computer. And as the FBI helped promote, all this information was planted by those pesky Russians.

Look, I’m not naïve. People keep private things, even secrets on their computers. But you likely agree with me that most people guard their computers with their lives, second only to one’s smart phone.

Speaking of which, imagine what we would find on Hunter’s cell phone? As you consider that question, ask yourself this one. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned looking into Hunter Biden’s phone records? Any chance we might find a few pings off towers in Ukraine and China?

Back to the laptop

I suggest to you that a crackhead with Alzheimer know better than to leave their laptop at a computer repair shop. But that’s what Hunter did.

Surprisingly, at no point did Hunter try to retrieve the computer. Understand that the man The Big Guy put in charge of the family’s fortune didn’t even remember that he had left his laptop at a computer repair shop–full of the family’s secrets.

Did Hunter not remember what was on that laptop?

So Hunter Biden kept family pics on his computer. That’s normal. I have lots of those on mine. Though I do try to organize mine, then transfer them to the cloud. Standard procedure, I suggest. But keeping your porn on computer?

I’m not into porn, so to each his own. But I would think Hunter would have the decency to put his porn on a thumb drive?

Hunter kept dirt on his laptop.

As expected, Hunter’s laptop exposed the Biden family criminal enterprise. Business dealings on one’s laptop is par for the course. Except Hunter kept his crooked business dealings. And I remind you that Hunter was so cracked out that he forgot his laptop.

Crooked family business aside, Hunter chronicled his debauchery. The man kept pictures of prostitutes the way serial killers keep trophies of their victims. Why remember prostitutes, especially after having so many?

And did Hunter get their full approval? I’d like to see the waivers.

I can only imagine the number of lawsuits the Biden family has their lawyers “handling”. Or perhaps the Biden family has their attack dogs in the DOJ making sure these prostitutes can’t say a word. Let’s just say that smart money is on no “Stormy Daniels” coming forward to say Hunter paid them with illegal funds.

You can bet that if one of the Trump boys’ laptops had pictures of them with prostitutes, we’d know these women by name. And Gloria Allred would represent all of them for their “mental anguish”. Sadly for the ambulance-chasing Allred, there exists no possibility for a payout without a Trump as the antagonist.

The Salaciousness of it all

Hunter’s laptop captured the complexity of his life. Before we delve into Hunter’s life, let’s be clear: drugs didn’t make Hunter who he is; his daddy did.

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Which is to say that I believe a few things about Joe Biden:

  • He showered with his daughter
  • He possibly did more than just shower with his daughter
  • Biden molested Tara Reade
  • Joe Biden philandered in his relationship with his wife which caused her to commit suicide

Joe Biden jacked up Hunter Biden. And now he wants to pay for his sins by saying, [pp] “Hunter is the best man I know.”

Given Biden’s friends and acquaintances, that’s not too high a bar to bound over.


Hunter Biden’s laptop reveals much. It spotlights Hunter Biden and his entire family. If it weren’t for his father’s position, America would know and detest all that the Biden family represent.

Hunter’s laptop reveals a pathology of the Biden family and Leftists in general. And they are getting worse.

We know that Biden took millions of dollars from other countries. And the FBI covers for Joe Biden and his criminal family.

This is the media story of the decade. At least. Perhaps the media story of the century. A sitting president who is on the take.

Consider the implications.

When the reality hits that Biden is the scumbag we know him to be, how will Democrats try to spin this? And what of the complicit media? The DOJ? Finally, the anti-Trump RINOs?

Let’s be honest, none of those people will really change. They will continue to hate Trump. Nevertheless, they will be forced to confront some of their many private lies.

The FBI hid the document about Biden since June of 2020. They couldn’t allow the truth to get out about the Biden family being on the take. That information could have disrupted the coup, as well as the lies surrounding January 6.

I guess America must wait to see how this movie ends. Make no mistake about it, the script has been written for Trump. And MAGA Americans.

Now, what do you plan to do about it? I suggest that the script has been flipped. I predict that Trump will win the Republican nomination with ease. Further, I predict that Trump will get his second term. With ease.



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