HORRIFIC ABUSE: Surgeon Intentionally Mauled 14-year-old Girl!

When are people going to stop sitting on the sidelines while our children are pulled into the ring and beaten half to death?

Sure, you might say I’m being a bit dramatic, but am I? Considering what is happening to these young girls, I think not. Leftists are no longer satisfied with destroying our children socially, emotionally, spiritually, and academically, but now, they are destroying our children physically.

Breitbart reports:

A North Carolina surgical clinic has allegedly removed the breasts of girls as young as 14 years old in double mastectomy procedures.

Pictures of results from the operations recently began circulating on Twitter. The patients’ ages are also listed under the images, with some of the girls being as young as 14 and 16. The children appear to have visited the Cosmetic Concierge, a plastic surgery clinic located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Double mastectomies, in which patients have their breasts removed, are used as part of the “gender-affirming care” regimen. The procedure is often referred to as “top surgery.” Under the “gender-affirming” model, medical interventions, ranging from puberty blockers to surgical sex change operations, are used to affirm the sexual identity of the patient.

Stop right there! That’s the hypocrisy of all this, in a nutshell.

If you check the dictionary, you will see that the word ‘affirm’ means one of two things: to state as a fact; assert strongly and publicly; or to offer emotional support or encouragement.

Gender-reassignment does nothing to affirm a child’s sexuality. I mean no disrespect to anyone who is part of the LGBTQIA community, but your gender at birth is your actual gender. Born a girl, stay a girl. Born a man, stay a man. It’s pretty cut and dry. In other words, if you want to affirm someone’s sexuality, affirm their biologically appointed gender.

Next, if you want to support kids emotionally, you help them deal with their mental anguish, help put them on higher ground. Don’t teach a child that everything about his body is wrong, and in need of changing. Instead, we have to tell these kids that everything about the way their body works is right!

Transitioning from male to female isn’t going to make someone suddenly feel hunky-dory and wash all their pains away. In fact, it can be the exact opposite, because once you cut into a child and remove pieces of their body, the message that “you are broken,” and “we HAD to fix you” will be cemented into their psyches. I don’t know about you, but I personally wouldn’t want that on my conscious.

What did we learn from Audrey Hale?

Hale stormed her former school in Nashville and murdered three adults and three students before she was taken down by police gunfire. Her manifesto will surely shed more light on the underlying issues Hale experienced, but researching transgender violence taught me a few things. One of which is that loading up a girl/woman with male hormones is a bad idea.

When someone is not used to those high levels of testosterone, they can become possessed by rage. Especially when you throw PMS in the middle of all that. If you are a girl, trying to become a man, your body’s default is still producing female hormones and a menstrual cycle. Mix testosterone with that and BOOM! Talk about a tornado.

I don’t think many transgenders stop and consider what it would do to them if the sex change wasn’t so easy after all. What if something went wrong, or if the results left them with “ugly parts” if you get my drift.

This morning, a fellow writer and I were texting. I told her about the young girls who lost their breasts, and she told me that it was time for America to hear the gory details. Otherwise, they aren’t truly making informed decisions.

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Christie added:

On top of taking breasts off they do a complete hysterectomy- dump out uterus and ovaries- PLUS cut up the vagina to make it into a small penis. But guess what? Every day they have to use stretchers to keep the penis hole open. And some of the post-op complications involve the vaginal flaps getting necrotic and sloughing off, the ureter not working so the urine remains inside, etc.

I replied: Ewww. Bizarre AND disgusting.

Thus, Christie added:

People need to be told the gory details. The public cannot imagine what it entails. There should be minimum life in prison (I prefer capital punishment) for doing this to people.

I couldn’t agree more. Actually, life in prison almost sounds like a slap on the wrist in this particular instance.

Dear Mom and Dad, I’m a real boy.

If you read many of my writings, you may know that I’m a mom of seven. My youngest four are stair-stepped. Thus, they played together a lot growing up. My now fifteen-year-old son used to play Barbies and paint nails with his fourteen-year-old sister.

It’s a good thing I didn’t jump to conclusions and take him to the closest big city to turn him into a girl. Because I just watched a video in which a little boy picked out a pink toy at Target, which lead his mom to believe it was time to accept her son was really her daughter. How do you make this determination with a four-year-old?

If there’s one thing I know young children and teenagers cannot do, its to consider the future possibilities and how they hinge on your present-day actions. Gender reassignment is PERMANENT. There is no going back to undo the wiring, unhook the plumbing, or put back the boobies. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Hope Sherie, the doctor that performed sex change surgeries in the North Carolina clinic also sponsors Point of Pride, a pro-LGBT activist organization. Through this organization, clients gain access to financial assistance. In addition, they give young women breast binders, articles of clothing meant to flatten the chest.

Personally, I don’t get it. When I was growing up, girls that age were just waiting to bloom. In fact, if you were eavesdropping outside my door, you might’ve heard something like this going on:

But in today’s world, there is no time allotted for growth and development. We think ten-year-olds should already have a ten-year plan in place. But it doesn’t work like that. The teenage brain is still growing and developing. Thus, forging ahead on the route of reassignment has devastating effects.

No Regrets?

Issues with fertility and reproduction top the list of regrets transgenders experience. But some transgenders come to terms with who they were created to be, only by then, it’s too late to go back and be exactly who they were born to be.

There are so many unanswered questions out there. Personally, I don’t understand how a parent can allow their child to change genders. Do they not fear they are using a permanent solution for something that could be a temporary problem? Do they not understand the dangers involved every time your child has anesthesia?

I really don’t understand how schools feel justified in teaching PreK students to choose their own genders and pronouns with the help of a unicorn.

Most of all, I don’t get the logic in allowing kids to transition their sexuality without parental consent, or acknowledgement. I’ve had children in public school for the past twenty-three years. I have to sign a waiver for my child to use the internet, or have their picture taken. I have to approve giving them Tylenol or Benadryl if needed. Certainly, they can’t take my kid on a field trip without my permission. But in today’s schools, students can switch genders and keep it a secret from the people who brought them into this world? As my momma used to say all the time, “I don’t think so!” (insert crazy eyes here).

If we can’t remove this toxic leftism from our schools, it’s time we remove our kids. The subsequent loss of funding will grab a lot more attention than a PTO meeting ever could.





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