Biden Resignation is Coming Soon

Every day must feel like groundhog day to Democrats. Because each day since Biden’s appointment as fake president, Democrats awake to their predicament.

And what a predicament they created when they decided to implement the coup of Trump.

First, they had to select a candidate. And with all the choices, Democrats chose the old, corrupt, brain-damaged moron. Sadly for the Democrats, Biden was their only choice.

Still, Democrats knew of Biden’s shady past. Warned by no less than the venerable FBI. Thus, in their private meetings where they planned the coup against Trump, powerful Democrats were warned of Biden’s potential pitfalls.

For example, Biden is a pontificating blowhard. He’s done more than anybody, he’s better than anybody. So much so, that Biden regularly challenged people to IQ tests, pushup contests, and so on. Clearly Biden suffered from low self-esteem to lie so much. Lucky for him, nobody accepted the challenge.

These blusters by Biden showcased Biden’s other problem.

He’s a certified pathological liar. Outed by the very media that now supports him.

One would think that after reaching the pinnacle of a political career, Biden would stop lying. No need, right? However, Biden lies more now.

As for the clandestine meetings to discuss the Bidens, imagine the reports on Biden the Younger, aka Hunter. The crackhead son running the crooked family business. Again, the FBI knew of both these problems.

Flight manifests show Hunter traveling with his dad. One need not be Sherlock Holmes to connect the dots on Hunter’s trips and the inevitable payment from whatever country he could sell his father’s influence to. How would they coverup these obvious crimes?

And what of the public’s belief that Biden could win? Correction: disbelief. I repeat, a late-70’s year-old candidate with unintelligible speeches. It’s incredible that Democrats picked Biden, given all I just explained. But to add Kamala Harris to the ticket?

The choice of these two seems to be an obvious slap in the face of sanity.

No wonder Democrats planned the COVID scamdemic. They knew they would need quite a lot to sell this election “victory”.

Obama got in place close to 69 million votes, so I’m guessing Democrats figured on about 73 million for Joey Demento.

But as the election results came in, Trump was on target for 75 million votes. Trump support destroyed their algorithms, so Democrats stopped the presses simultaneously and went to Defcon 1. They rigged the results.

In the meantime, the people who voted for Trump (and even those who didn’t vote for Trump) knew something was wrong. The former planned to march on the day the election was certified, the infamous January 6 to showcase their displeasure.

In order to force-feed the ruse of a fair election, Democrats then plotted with the FBI to call a peaceful assembly an “insurrection”.

Collateral Damage

Forget the damage done by Leftist organizations and real insurrectionists like Antifa, BLM and others; insurrections where cities are burned and innocent people killed. Democrats compared a march where none of that occurred to the Civil War and the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

All the while, the media and social media giants propagated these lies. Far worse, media and social media giants prevented people from speaking of the real truths versus the Leftist propaganda.

But Democrats have major problems ahead.

Their candidate is getting more weird. Like his recent incident with that baby overseas. The entire world watched Biden make a fool out of himself…again.


How have the Democrats kept this tempest in the tea pot? How have they managed to keep the Bidens out of prison?

We have the big guy’s bank records. Eventually, we will reconcile them to his tax records. Biden will eventually resign in order to prevent further embarrassment to his family and his crooked political party.

But look at all it has taken to make this happen.


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