Comer to Biden: The Numbers Just Don’t Add Up

The long-awaited whistleblower testimony told us everything we already knew. Biden is a crooked thief who continually robs the American people.

If there’s a gene for ‘crook’, it’s definitely passed down from Biden to Biden. For the sake of those beautiful grandchildren (all seven of them), let’s hope after passing from Joe to Hunter, it’s skipped the next generation. But only time will tell on that.

Meanwhile, we’re here tabulating exactly how much the Biden’s concealed with their shady business dealings. As we learned through testimony, Hunter Biden failed to pay $125,000 in taxes from income received from Burisma Holdings. Of course that is based on the income he reported, which is said to be $400,000.

The bad part is that according to James Comer, the Bidens easily raked in $25 to $50M in unaccounted Burisma funds. And there’s no telling how much more is out there. No doubt there are multiple foreign accounts out there hiding their real fortune.


HANNITY: “Alright, I want to know how much money do you believe the Biden family did in these foreign business deals? How much money are we talking about? How much money do we think went to Joe? Because Hunter complains bitterly he gave half his income to pops and had to pay for pop’s home repairs and the big guy, and ‘I am sitting here next to my father’ in the Whatsapp message. Do you believe you’ll be able to tie this money to Joe? And how much money in total? My exit question.”

COMER: “I think there’s going to be easily 25 to $30 million-plus. And a big development happened today that I don’t think anyone has picked up yet. I asked the question. The very last question I asked when I had time yielded to me by Rep. Burlison of Missouri was, ‘Would you be willing to hand over the paperwork with respect to foreign transactions?’ Because it’s been almost impossible for my committee to subpoena bank records from foreign countries. The IRS has that and they are willing to turn that over to the Ways and Means Committee, who will then hand it over to us. That’s a big deal, Sean, because we suspect that the Bidens had offshore bank accounts, and that today was a huge development that will open up a new door for us to move forward in our investigation.”

HANNITY: “The walls are closing in. Congressman, thank you for your hard work. Thank you for being here. Big day today.”

The real irony comes in Joe Biden’s brazen IRS move.

President Joe Biden supercharged the IRS to catch tax cheats shortly after taking office. He even hired 87,000 new agents. I guess Biden had complete faith in his family’s ability to allude authorities for as long as he lived. Of course, that makes perfect sense, considering he’s managed to spend 50 years in Congress breaking tons of rules, countless laws, and every standard of ethics that’s ever existed.

Breitbart quoted the President:

“We have to rehire some IRS agents… not to try to make people pay something they don’t owe — just to say, ‘Hey, step up. Step up and pay like everybody else does,” Biden said in 2021 at the White House.

“Look, I really mean this. If you look at my whole career — I come from the corporate state of America — I just think it’s about just paying your fair share for lord’s sake,” he added.

Sadly, the DOJ allowed the statute of limitations on Hunter’s tax crimes, so he got to rake in millions, doing nothing, lie about his wages, and keep what taxes he admitted to owing. How’s that for a fair and impartial system?

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