Epic Battle Looming: LeBron vs. Pfizer

LeBron James’ 18-year-old son is lucky to be alive after suffering a heart attack at basketball practice for USC.

The NBA shoo in now has to question whether it’s even safe to step onto the court. That’s a devastating decision when you’re following in the steps of your world-famous father.

The Sun reported:

Medical staff at USC treated the point guard after he lost consciousness on the court before transporting him to Cedar Sinai Hospital in West Hollywood.

Bronny was held overnight in the ICU and discharged on Tuesday.

In a statement, LeBron and his wife Savannah said their eldest son is now stable and issued their “deepest thanks” to the school’s medical and athletic staff for saving his life.

While more tests will be done to determine specifically what caused Bronny’s SCA, speculation has already started to mount that his college basketball career may be over before it’s even begun – and with it, his dream of following in his father’s footsteps to the NBA crushed.

More Tests?

I’m no doctor, but I am quite the Googler. I just learned that USC didn’t lift their vaccine requirements until May of this year. Looks like USC made their move way too late. I’ll admit it; I’m assuming the death poke caused Bronny’s SCA (sudden cardiac arrest). But what else is going around knocking athletes to the ground?

I’m reminded of Damar Hamlin- just last season he suffered a heart attack during a Buffalo Bills game. Hamlin has grown into one of the NFL’s favorite players. But there is a real possibility that he won’t make it out of training camp. The NFL is, like it or not, a cash cow. It all comes down to the profits when it comes to stepping out on that field. And if Hamlin doesn’t appear extremely profitable, he won’t even get to sit on the bench.

According to The Athletic:

Hamlin is an established sports folk hero. He’s the biggest favorite in years — probably ever — to win the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year Award. Two weeks ago, he sobbed on stage while presenting the Bills’ medical staff, the people who made his heart beat again, with an ESPY Award.

“All the support you’re getting off the field,” former Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still said, “doesn’t help you make the 53-man roster.”

The thought of Buffalo releasing Hamlin might seem unfathomable to most fans. He has defied the odds. His mere survival is a powerful beacon, especially among his teammates. The world will marvel if he opens the season on “Monday Night Football,” the same national platform on which he almost died.

Symbolism, however, won’t nearly be enough to make the roster. Hamlin knows that.

“He’s going to attack it like he has everything else in his life,” Hamlin’s agent, Ira Turner, said. “You can’t discount the fact this guy was a starter last year for a significant number of games. With that said, you have to attack every training camp like you’re fighting for a job, and that should be the case whether you’re going into year three or year eight. His approach is going to be just that.”

Hamlin sent his condolences to Bronny.

However, notice we’re two days into the news cycle and the University has said nothing. The James’ have said nothing. It’s all very hush-hush. However, James’ collapse certainly reignites the fire surrounding the covid vaccine. While the AP and other media outlets call it fake news, Tucker Carlson reported: “Cardiologist Peter McCullough and researcher Panagis Polykretis looked into this trend in Europe, European sports leagues. They found that prior to COVID and the COVID-19 vaccines there were roughly 29 cardiac arrests in those European sports leagues per year. Since the vax campaign began, there have been more than 1,500 total cardiac arrests in those leagues and two-thirds of those were fatal.”

Like I said, I’m no doctor, but I have seen the headlines, such as “NFL Player Dead From Covid Vaccine” or “CDC Reveals Covid Vaccine Death Count,” or “Vaxxed Deaths Outpace Non-vaxxed 3 to 1.” And I watched story after story of so-called healthy teenagers dropping dead after being vaccinated.

In fact, I remember one story in which the mother forced her son to be vaccinated, even though he vehemently opposed. Because he was 17, just shy of being a legal adult, she was able to exert her power over him. Shortly thereafter, heart failure ended his life on the basketball court. When signs pointed to the vaccine, she was inconsolable. If only she had respected her son’s decisions about his own body. So I can’t help but speculate whether Bronny is another victim of the death poke.

If the vaccine played a role in Bronny’s downfall, I know one thing for sure. After years of planning to meet his son on the courts of the big leagues, LeBron James won’t let Bronny go down without a fight.



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