Everything You Need to Know About Men and Their BONUS Holes

Names have power.

Whether we understand it or not, the simplistic, yet sobering quote from author Rick Riordan is immersed in profundity. While many of us are not paying attention to the power of words, far too many others are. Over recent years we’ve heard many “new names” for standard objects, positions and even states of being coming from certain groups.

For example: Where the term ‘housewives’ once stood, the phrase, “domestic engineer” quickly occupied its place. Likewise, was the case with “illegal aliens” becoming “illegal immigrants” before magically morphing into “undocumented immigrants”. Also, global warming evolved into climate change. You get the gist.

Unfortunately, we have broached yet another level/dimension of colloquialism absurdity with, wait for it- “bonus holes.”

If your skin crawled by simply reading those words, then you have already subconsciously guessed the point of reference.


This from the Daily Mail:

“Women have condemned a charity after it suggested the vagina could instead be referred to as ‘the bonus hole’ to avoid upsetting non-binary or trans men. Bonus Holes

Female rights campaigners today rounded on the alternative glossary,
branding it both ‘misogynistic’ and ‘utterly dehumanising’.

It is featured on charitable organization Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust on a page for health professionals who are treating patients who have the disease.

Today the trust insisted it was not suggesting the term should be used by all women – but added it was important to reach trans men and non-binary people. But the ‘bonus hole’ term – which the cause says was developed with expert organizations who work with the LGBT community – was widely condemned.

The page also features a suggestion that the vagina might also be referred to as a ‘front hole’. It is entitled ‘Language to use when supporting trans men and/or non-binary people’.

Conservatives for Women founder Caroline Fiske told MailOnline:

The gender movement seems actively to want to encourage body disassociation and hatred, in other words to actively create more confused young people alienated from their own physicality and their own sex.

‘What better way than to use this utterly dehumanizing language about our own bodies?”

Of course, there will always be those seeking to distract and detract in order to further confuse youth simply trying to make sense of the world around them.

This from a Reddit responder with the handle, ‘SnookerandWhiskey’:

“I love how certain news outlets always kill the nuance, as if reading comprehension is just not an ability a journalist should have. To clarify, the Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is a private charity, that advocates for patients of cervical cancer and early detection.

It’s not a government institution. The glossary, that was put into a nice clickbait headline, is exclusively meant for health care providers who are helping an LGBT patient, even more specifically someone who is trans or has gender/body dysphoria. Their explanation is simple. Make the patient, who likely has bad associations with that part of their body feel welcome, seen and safe, so they will be able to handle the rather intrusive questions and exams needed for cervical cancer better and can get the best treatment, rather than scaring them off and turning
them away from preventative exams.

Nowhere is it suggested that front or bonus hole be used for every female patient walking into their office. It’s basic bedside manners, really.”

Basic bedside manners, you say?

To lie and/or mislead patients entrusted to your care? To make or allow someone believe they are, or can be something they’re not?

This excerpt from the original Hippocratic Oath recites: “I will willingly refrain from doing any injury or wrong from falsehood.” Without question, misleading a trusting patient (or patient’s parents) falls under this category.

Clearly, there is a danger inherent in ‘renaming’ terms to pacify the delusional. Among other things, it gives false hope, further confuses, the individual, and sets the stage for the creation of an imagined condition for which there is no cure.

Think it can’t possibly get worse? Think this ‘Pandora’s Box’ of giving life to non-existent maladies has no more to offer? Time to think again.

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