Hunter Biden Attacks Trump Supporters

Hunter Biden’s legal team should have better things to do. But for now they’ve exposed their defense strategy.

Of course, defending Hunter Biden has nothing to do actually addressing his criminal activities. Instead Biden’s team plans to blame the victims: the American people whom Biden used for personal gain for him and his family.

In his pursuit to ignore his guilt, Biden used the Democrat playbook. Actually, this playbook might be more closely related that of Jussie Smollett. To that end, Biden’s legal team accused Trump of the potential to incite violence among his followers.

Apparently, the accusations of the cocaine belonging to Hunter Biden upsets him. And when former President Trump posted this idea on social media, Hunter was triggered.

The post prompted a cease and desist letter from Hunter Biden’s attorneys. They demanded that Trump stop making truthful allegations about Hunter Biden. They said of Trump followers on social media, that they are “easy-to-trigger”.

It’s not like Trump was the only person who wondered how cocaine got in the White House. After all, cocaine is Hunter’s drug of choice, and he had unfettered access to the White House. But as we’ve learned from the Secret Service, they struggle to find a suitable suspect.

Certainly the Secret Service would be proper to eliminate Hunter Biden. Because Hunter would never casually leave cocaine lying around. That would be almost as stupid as leaving a laptop full of the family’s crooked secrets at a laptop repair shop.

Or denying your biological child, even after DNA proves paternity.

How DARE Trump allude that the cocaine found at the White House might be Hunter’s? What an insane accusation. Undoubtedly the cocaine was Russian interference.

Regardless, Hunter’s attorneys wrote:

“I am sending this letter to make a demand that your client, former President Donald Trump, cease and desist from making public statements about my client which are both defamatory and likely to incite Mr. Trump’s followers to take actions against Mr. Biden and which could lead to his or his family’s injury,” read the letter.

I’m no legal beagle, but how is a statement defamatory when it’s true?

The letter referenced Trump’s posts on social media. Biden’s attorney characterized Trump’s post as, “thinly veiled calls to action”.

Understandably, big Jamaican men might be inspired to pretend to be good ol’ boys and go beat up some guy actor on Empire, if Trump’s social media postings go unchecked.

Worse, some president might be tempted to invade a bordering country if Trump were to blurt out during a meeting. That utterance could lead to the displacement of over 12 million Ukrainians, for example. And that type of stupid comment could cost Americans $200 billion in a war Americans didn’t sign up for.

Remember the Leftist Alamo: J6

What accusation of violence would be complete without a reference to the Democrat-concocted, FBI-supported “insurrection” that occurred on January 6?

The letter references multiple instances where Trump supposedly incited violence or called for action against his enemies. All have been debunked at best or ridiculed at worse for being pure fiction by Democrats. Like J6.

The letter to Trump specifically mentions an attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, as well as an incident where a Jan. 6 defendant was found with guns and ammunition in a van near the Obama residence after Trump posted their address on social media. Neither of these incidents offers proof of anything. Just more speculation.

Funny how much Leftists can glean from innuendo, but can’t offer a single theory on (1) the Supreme Court leaker, or (2) the cocaine drop that occurred recently at the White House.

Hunter’s attorneys offered more “evidence” against Trump. They referenced specific posts from Trump expressing angst that Hunter Biden wasn’t given a “death sentence” for charges related to tax crimes and lying on a gun license application.

Has any Trump supporter ever killed someone based on Trump’s insistence?

Democrats kill for sport. And their people fill the jails. Yet, it is ‘fear of Trump’ that continually guides leftists.



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