Jussie Smollett Standing Proud After Reading This

“An Idea is nothing but Information, It won’t do us any harm until we accept it as perception of truth in our mind, which in time will potentially evolve and construct major events in history.”​      ─Djayawarman Alamprabu

Growing up, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” was one of my favorite Aesop’s fables. Its premise- basic, its relatability- simple, the moral of the story- profound.

I mean, how could anyone miss the point, that its not only wrong, but can be dangerous to concoct a hoax? Unfortunately, more than 500 years after it was introduced, this is still a drift most are refusing to catch.

In a recent ABC 10News story, 39-year-old Scott Rowin recently reported to local police an attack he suffered while simply minding his own business. Taking place in Hillcrest, a San Diego neighborhood, ABC reported the following:

“A week later, moving around remains difficult for Rowin, ever since an evening walk turned into something from a horror movie.

Last Monday night, Rowin says stopped by The Loft on Fifth Avenue and inquired about a job. He left past 8 p.m. and headed south, towards his downtown apartment, intending to call an Uber.

His memory is hazy, but somewhere within a few blocks, he heard what sounded like two people yelling gay slurs.

“Started hearing f*** this, f*** that. The word came up quite a bit,” said Rowin. With no one around him, Rowin, who is gay, realized the slurs were being directed at him.

“I yelled back a couple of things, ‘Hey, that’s f*** up!’” said Rowin. Moments later, he heard footsteps behind him.

As he turned around, he says he caught a quick glimpse of one of the people, a man in his 20s or 30s. At the same time, he says a liquid was thrown at him, with the consistency of water.

“Immediately after that, I went up like coals on a barbecue. It started off really big,” said Rowin.

On fire, Rowin says he stopped, dropped, and rolled on the cement, patting himself and quickly putting out the flames. This can still happen in 2023, he continued.” There are still a lot of haters out there. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. This time it was fire. What will it be next time?” said Rowin.

Gay man claims he was set on fire in 'hate-filled' attack

Upon hearing his account, many of us (including Rowin), thought this was where the story ended.

However, in a tale resembling that of Jussie Smollett, this was only the beginning. In the midst of investigating Rowin’s “hate-crime,” San Diego police received startling news less than a week later.

This story from Townhall.com: “According to San Diego Police. ABC 10 published another story explaining what police discovered during the course of their investigation: that security video showed Rowin was set on fire by a pregnant woman he was allegedly assaulting:

‘The department said the woman was bleeding and suffering from injuries when officers arrived. She was taken to the hospital for treatment. Just before midnight, police received a report on the 1200 block of Market Street from a man who said he was set on fire, the department said. ‘Investigators determined that this man was the suspect who battered the pregnant woman from the earlier incident at 900 6th Avenue,’ police said. ‘Investigators have since determined the pregnant female was responsible for the burn injuries.’

San Diego Police say the video shows Rowin attacking the pregnant woman first.” Prior to being exposed, Rowin posted an image of the burns on his Instagram account, with the caption, “Yup … this happened … Gay bashed and set on fire by some random dudes.”

He has since put his Instagram account on private.

Why create a hoax? Why fool the public? Why such a plea for sympathy?

To be clear, this was not unexpected. In the earlier days of the gay movement, they professed to operate as a monolith, only driven by a single mindset stating “we’re queer, we’re here- get used to it.” With this ideology, they were indeed a juggernaut and a force to be reckoned with- but it wasn’t enough. Then out of seemingly nowhere, they were hijacked by the Transgender agenda, seeking to carve their mark into society by becoming a conglomerate, making them now, the LGBTQIA+.

Yet, it still wasn’t enough.

Regardless of all the power, recognition, and notoriety both received and achieved, deep within they knew that regardless of what was said, they knew that the quiet part spoken out loud was clear; they would never be part of the group. With movies, television shows, awards, celebratory events and historical marks made, they are yet relegated to being accepted as “the new normal” status, rather than normal. As such, these ‘boy crying wolf’ stunts will never cease; they will forever be the community’s roar for acceptance.

Much like the survivors of the renowned, ill-fated Titanic’s lifeboat repose, they will unfortunately continually seek an absolution that will never come. Yet, these selfish cries for attention are not victimless crimes. They in fact fuel the continued disinterest and apathy towards the thousands of victims under threat of real danger for no other reason than unfounded animosity.

This must end.

Regardless of feeling unappreciated or unwanted, creating such crimes only seeks to further fracture an
already broken society. This also reveals the selfishness of those that only care for the attention they desire rather the lives and society they impact. In the words of legendary poet John Donne, “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.” In other words- it’s not about you.

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