The Tie to Burisma the Bidens Hid

Plenty of evidence exists to know that Hunter Biden marketed Joe Biden as his company’s product.

Further, Joe Biden knew of the deals and profited under the pseudonym, “the big guy”. To believe otherwise shows complete idiocy.

Along with convenient phone calls to and from the Bidens to each other during Hunter’s dinner with clients, we have instances of Joe Biden actually dining with Hunter and his business associates. Who knew this could have happened, given Biden’s declaration the never discussed his “son’s overseas business”.

What next? The media will call all of Hunter’s business deals “domestic” business deal to offer the big guy a bit more wiggle-room. Don’t be surprised.

Regardless, Biden is busted. He did participate actively in Hunter Biden’s business deals. And as The Daily Caller points out, there exists more supporting evidence of this:

Hunter Biden and his business associates told Ukrainian energy firm Burisma to remove a picture of then-Vice President Joe Biden and Burisma board member Devon Archer from its website, emails from the Hunter Biden laptop archive show.

Democrats and other idiots might argue this revelation as purely circumstantial. But the notion that Burisma would arbitrarily put up a picture of Joe Biden strikes me as odd.

If Joe Biden isn’t involved, why would the company even think for a moment to put his picture up. An agreement with a person’s child doesn’t mean the parent is involved, and thus deserved of a picture.

More detail is provide below:

In May 2014, then-VP Biden’s counsel Demetra Lambros told Eric Schwerin, a business associate at Hunter Biden’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners, to have Burisma remove an image of Joe Biden and Archer from its website, according to emails from Biden’s laptop archive.

Hey, guys,” Schwerin said in a May 13, 2014 email to Hunter Biden and Archer. “There is apparently a photo of Devon and the VP on Burisma’s website (I can’t see it – the website isn’t working very well right now) but Demetra (VP Counsel) called and asked that we tell Burisma they need to take it down (legally they aren’t comfortable with the VP’s picture being up on the site as what seems like an endorsement).”

Schwerin was referencing then-VP Biden’s counsel Demetra Lambros, whom President Biden appointed in June 2021 to serve as Chair of the President’s Commission on White House fellowships. She previously worked with Biden in 1996 as General Counsel of the Senate Judiciary Committee under then-Democratic Delaware Sen. Joe Biden’s chairmanship.

“Thanks Eric,” Archer responded. “Hunter got the call and it’s down. Was put up without authorization.   Just on a Board call now and will call you this afternoon.”

My next curiosity revolves around Joe Biden’s counsel asking for the picture to be taken down.

If Joey Demento isn’t following Hunter’s activities, then how would he know about the picture? And where is the letter of reprimand or the cease and desist, asking Hunter to not involve Joe Biden in his activities?

Neither were written. Because Joe Biden is Hunter’s partner in influence peddling. Joe is the product. But in this case, they wanted the product to remain somewhat obscured from the public.

The other statement, “without authorization” implies that Burisma thought it would be ok. Why? Because they were all partners. It’s one thing to list Hunter and Devon on the website. But to show “the product”, Joe Biden would be a real coup from a publicity perspective.

Biden is out

Democrats would save themselves a lot of time and aggravation by jettisoning Biden now. Because they are too tied in with the old clown, they continue to fight. It won’t work.

Biden is all but gone. The signs are there, and the only reason for the delay revolves around limiting the damage.

Trust that more will come soon that dooms the Bidens.

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