Top Democrat FINALLY Admits Hunter Biden did Unlawful Things

After years of Joe Biden saying, “My son did nothing wrong”, a top Democrat called Biden a liar.

It took long enough for Democrats to admit there’s gambling in the casino. Joe Biden, Pathological Liar in Chief defended his crack-and-sex-addicted in the face of overwhelming evidence of multiple crimes. And the Democrats and other Leftists defended them both.

On my radio show we play a mashup of dozens of fake media outlets echoing the lies of Joe Biden. And finally, with their backs against the wall, Democrats selected the lying skank of a Biden they will sacrifice to save the other.

Hunter Biden, you’re the scapegoat.

In an effort to save Joe Biden’s crooked ass, Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) admitted that Hunter Biden is indeed a criminal:

Top Democrats on the House Oversight Committee gently dinged Hunter Biden on Sunday while distancing President Biden from his son’s scandals.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), ranking member on the Oversight panel, argued politicians should let the “justice system run its course” — conceding Hunter Biden did “wrong things.”

“It does seem clear that this guy was addicted to drugs and did a lot of really unlawful and wrong things,” Raskin told ABC’s “This Week.”

How about that excuse, “addicted to drugs”? What next, “The dog ate Hunter’s homework!”?

Democrats milked this cow for years. And the cow ran out of milk.

Despite the assignment of Delaware US Attorney David Weiss as special counsel, the Democrats are doomed. Window-dressing by the Biden DOJ to appear not so show favoritism. But we know differently.

The public knows too much about Hunter, including Weiss and team’s attempt to give Hunter a sweetheart deal with a “get out of jail free” card.

As Raskin pointed out, these investigations will raise red flags. And ultimately, the federal investigation of Hunter could make things “bumpy” for Joe Biden. That said, Raskin indicated he still has faith in the system. In other words, Raskin hopes the Democrats can pull a rabbit out of their asses and get Joe out cleanly.

Hunter gets no reprieve

Who knows who really pulls the strings with the Democrats? But it must have been a difficult decision to select Hunter for destruction. After all the Left has done to convince us otherwise, Americans don’t believe the lies.

Hunter is a drug-abusing, whoremonger and derelict father. For his own father to describe his as “the best man I know” speaks volumes of both men.

Still, no matter how many “beautiful things”–to quote Hunter’s book–Joe Biden says about Hunter, it won’t erase Hunter’s true character. Soon the world will understand how sick the Biden family and their enablers really are.

Yes Joe Biden, your son did do something wrong. And so did you and many more in the Biden Crime Family.


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