WaPo Calls Out Hunter Biden

The news title that sealed Hunter Biden’s doom. WaPo wonders out loud about Hunter Biden.

Is Hunter Biden getting special treatment? Democrats dare not ask the average America. Because they won’t like the answer.

I have a couple of crackheads in my family. And let’s just say they aren’t faring as well as Hunter. Neither of them drives a $142,300 sports car paid for by their non-existent companies. And my cousins don’t sit on any boards of multinational companies and earn millions of dollars for just making connections. But then again, neither of my cousins has access to a senator-turned-VP who became president in a coup.

Perhaps my crackhead cousins just aren’t industrious enough. Or maybe things are as WaPo suggests: Hunter Biden is getting special treatment.

From the article:

Initially appearing reasonable, the deal turned out to include peculiar details suggesting critics might have been justified to suspect that Mr. Biden was being given special treatment.

For example, the plea deal would have required the presiding judge to decide whether Mr. Biden was complying with the terms of a diversion agreement that would have allowed him to avoid some formal charges. Diversion agreements aren’t unusual for nonviolent first-time offenders with substance-abuse problems. But asking a member of the judiciary to help enforce one of them may be unprecedented, and the judge expressed concern that the agreement could be ruled unenforceable down the road.

That plea deal exposed the dual-system of justice so often denied by Democrats. Because as many ponder, how in the hell could the DOJ offer Hunter Biden a sweetheart deal when they know he used his corporate money for personal benefit.

Further, remind us how exactly did Hunter Biden earn that money?

Add to this the fact that two IRS whistleblowers claim they weren’t allowed to pursue their investigation into Biden because of political sensitivities and you get the anatomy of a scandal.

But WaPo wasn’t the only one. Check out what Meet the Press said of the Bidens:


Where will this all lead?

To the big guy, of course. But it won’t just be about his age.

The Bidens commingled their monies because they were in business together. It’s time we moved from speculation to conclusion on the father-son duo, as well as the other family benefactors.

As for WaPo, their article adds to the many signs that Hunter Biden has been jettisoned by the Democrats. He’s damaged goods and the stench permeates the entirety of the Democrats.

By now, the world knows that Joe Biden was and continues to be well-aware of Hunter’s business dealings. Worse, Joe Biden knows the character of Hunter Biden, thanks to none other than Hunter Biden. So let’s stop pretending that somewhere deep inside of Hunter is a choir boy.

The only question regarding the admission by WaPo is the timing. Why admit now that you know Hunter Biden to be a scumbag who got special treatment? For those of you who believe they haven’t admitted Hunter is a scumbag, you just don’t know how to read between the lines.

As I said recently on my radio show, Hunter Biden has been thrown to the wolves. The Left can’t protect two Bidens. Hunter drew the short straw.

But not to worry America. Joe Biden is gone as well. This will happen before the end of the year, as the Democrats need time to position their next scumbag offering. The cast of characters is currently lining up. Expect declarations to come from many over the next few weeks.

WaPo called out Hunter Biden as part of a strategy. And they only play their part in the strategy as we learned when those calling the shots deposed Trump.

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