Bidens are Finished

Democrats claw on drift wood, remnants of the Biden ship that exploded at sea.

While inflation continues to choke Average Joe, the Biden administration tells voters all is good. Interesting assessment, given that a recent poll reported that 70 percent of Americans said they can’t save money. Not won’t save, but can’t save any money.

Democrats have coined a new phrase to deflect from reality. They call the new economic situation, Bidenomics. But in reality, Bidenomics equals Bidenflation.

Biden’s solution? Pour millions into the proxy war he started in the fight with Russia over Ukraine. Biden put America into this war, and many now question why?

The conspiracy realists have proposed for some time now that the Ukrainians have Joe Biden over a barrel. Biden is compromised, and thus must keep the money flowing or the Ukrainians will divulge all they know. Few could argue that the Chinese hold the same cards.

Adding to Leftists’ woes, most Republicans know that the DOJ works for the Democrats and the New World Order. Neither are concerned about justice or “the greater good”.

Real justice cometh

I ask this of Democrats, and you should do the same. “How many lies do we need to catch Joe Biden in before you stop your nonsense?” Below are the three oft-told Biden lies that have been debunked

  1. Biden lied about discussing his business with Hunter. This violates common sense, first of all. However, the idea that Biden never spoke to Hunter about business has been debunked.
  2. Next, he lied about Hunter and other members of his family getting money from foreign sources. They got LOTS of money, and that has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
  3. Finally, Biden lied about getting paid from foreign sources. His payments were made by proxy, through his business partner Hunter.

Ironically, Trump warned all of America during the 2020 Presidential Debate.

Trump covered all three points, all of which Lyin’ Biden denied.

Well if Biden lied about these things, what else has he lied about?

His son used the family businesses as his personal piggy bank. He bought hookers, and paid for lavish dinners, travel, and trips with corporate money.

And while Biden’s DOJ tried to shoe-horn in a sweetheart deal for Hunter, we know that he bought his fancy sports car with company funds, as well as his “golf membership”.

Trust me, we will find out lots more; particularly now that Trump’s legal team has subpoena power.

Democrats dared us to connect Joe Biden to Hunter Biden’s crimes. Game on, Bitches.

They now must admit that Joe Biden lied during the debate. Joe Biden dined with Hunter’s business partners, because they were Joe’s business partners as well.

We heard from one Biden business partner, namely Devon Archer. Archer nailed the Bidens; with the truth. But he is a chili pimp compared to the next guy.

Eric Schwerin handled the money for the Bidens. For decades. Reports are that Schwerin appeared at the White House or Joe Biden’s residence dozens of times. He is said to have prepped Biden before the big client meetings set by Hunter. I suspect we will learn of the many more in-person engagements Biden made on Hunter’s behalf.

One person described Archer’s role for the Bidens as follows:

If Archer was the architect, Schwerin was the money guy.

In the best information about the Bidens, specifically Hunter Biden’s “fully discredited” laptop, we learned that Schwerin discuss moving money around with Hunter. This included commingled money between Hunter and Joe.

According to sources, Schwerin fell out with Hunter Biden. Is that the reason he’s cooperating, who knows? But what is known is that his testimony will be damning to the Bidens.

He can verify what the House already knows, and will undoubtedly add more. Things like business transactions between Biden and Archer, based on bank records.

The New York Post reported,

By 2010, laptop emails show, Hunter was routinely paying Vice President Biden’s household expenses, with longtime business partner Eric Schwerin, president of Hunter’s Chinese-linked investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners, serving as the go-between.

“There a few outstanding bills that need to be paid and I am not sure which ones are a priority and which should get paid out of ‘my’ account,” Schwerin wrote to Hunter in a June 5, 2010 email with the heading “JRB Bills.”

“There is about $2,000 extra in ‘my’ account beyond what is used for monthly expenses,” he explained.

Monthly expenses? Sounds like the ten percent for “the big guy”.

The article continues,

The bills in question included several relating to the upkeep of Joe Biden’s sprawling 6,850-square-foot lakefront mansion in the wealthy Greenville enclave of Wilmington, Del.: $1,239 in repairs to an air conditioner at “Mom-Mom’s cottage” on the grounds of the 4-acre estate; $1,475 to a local house painter for “back wall and columns”; $2,600 for a “stone retaining wall”; and $475 for shutters.

Why is Hunter paying his father’s routine bills? While that doesn’t hide millions, it can add up. Take for example this declaration by Hunter that his father “has been using most lines” of a Wells Fargo credit account – “which I’ve through the gracious offerings of Eric have paid for the past 11 years.”

11 years a slave?

The Bidens are almost certainly dirty. I only put the “almost” to avoid absolutes. But we all know that Bidens are ok, “certainly almost” dirty.

What parents commingle finances with their children? Perhaps you do this on the child’s account. But the major family account is almost (there it is again) never connected to the kids, unless the kid is the principle bread winner.

Remember when Hunter took $25,000 from an account he shared with “the big guy”? Hunter needed the money to pay the pimp of a Los Angeles prostitute named “Gulnora.”

Shortly after the transaction, Hunter received a series of nastygrams–agitated text messages–from a former Secret Service agent. The agent reminded Hunter, “This is linked to Celtic’s account” — referring to Joe Biden by his vice-presidential code name.

Do you think perhaps Joe Biden might have spoken with Hunter about his business after an incident like this, no?

Understand that the Secret Service condoned Hunter Biden’s behavior. They actually helped cover for Hunter’s crime, instead of reporting on it.

No point of demarcation existed for the Bidens. Because they were collectively “the business”. And Joe Biden was the product. He only needed to tell Hunter how much of the business was available in the warehouse.



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