CBS Reveals Biden’s Fate

Biden will be gone by Christmas

Just as the people in charge of American politics ousted Trump, the same will happen to Joe Biden.

I have predicted for over a year that Joe Biden will not be the Democrat nominee for president in 2024. They didn’t want him in 2020. However when you considered the rest of the gene pool, the powers-that-be selected a pathological liar and demented clown.

Although things are no better for Democrats in their choices to replace Biden, their leaders have seen enough.

In what is deemed a Freudian slip, CBS showcased the future in a live broadcast:


@CBSNews just called @JoeBiden “Former President Biden”. What is going on?


There it is. In black and white.

This is not a slip, but a glimpse of the future for Biden. And what timing?

Biden has been a disaster. Before I go all Juliet on you and “count thy ways”, understand that Leftists knew he would be a disaster. The lack of a bench put Democrats in this predicament.

Worse, they strategized against Trump, forcing him to spend trillions on a disease created in a lab by our enemy. An enemy that happens to be the chief funder of the Biden Crime Family.

Nice segue, as this brings me to Biden’s other complications.

In case you’ve lived under a rock, we know that Biden has been on the take.

His crackhead son Hunter overseas the day to day business of La Familia. Joe Biden then influenced policy decisions that benefitted whoever paid the Biden’s.

While the media and the DOJ covered for Biden, the clock ticked. And now? Time’s up. Joe “Pedo Pete” Biden has been caught.

Not that any sane person needs more evidence, but apparently Joe Biden’s alias emails are out. The irony? Hunter Biden’s laptop delivered the goods, and the DOJ covered it up as long as they could. Then the DOJ continually lied about covering up Biden’s laptop fiasco.

I will cover this development more soon. Suffice it to say, CBS got the memo. Biden is out.

I repeat, the “Former President Biden” that appeared during their live broadcast was no mistake. Nor was it wishful thinking on behalf of some producer at CBS. It’s a fact.

Sure, a mistake was made exposing the fact that Biden is out. Nevertheless, Biden is out. Things will continue to heat up. And you can bet the farm that Biden won’t last through the end of the year. In fact, I predict that Biden will exit during the holidays, as a gift to the country.

Democrats will pretend that Biden must leave for medical reasons, if they can sell that nonsense. Mitch McConnell has already intimated that he doesn’t want to impeach Biden. A hint that Grandpa Mitch knows Biden’s days are numbered. Perhaps the impeachment inquiry will push Biden’s “stress level” beyond repair, much like Biden’s cognitive function.


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