Democrats Slamming Biden’s Age

Biden’s age was an issue in 2020, when unelected elitists decided to wage a coup on Trump. As I like to remind Democrats, the brain-dead almost-octogenarian represented the best the Democrats could offer.

Joe Biden didn’t disappoint- as Barack Obama warned, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*ck things up”. And boy did he ever.

Biden had one job: do good enough that Democrats could cheat again in 2024. He failed.

Democrats gloat that they stopped the red wave expected (and that occurred) by pretending that Biden’s plan worked. They relied on the residual Trump economy balanced with the ability to compare the COVID-bloated budget and returning workers.

Biden knowingly takes credit for people going back to their pre-COVID jobs. Moreover, he pretends he shrunk a budget set by the thieves who pilfered Americans after the COVID scare. Using those statistics, one might vote for the Devil himself. But in truth, Biden failed miserably.

And while the media ignores Biden’s crimes, the general public has begun to pay attention. I saw report today that 61 percent of Americans think Biden is involved with Hunter’s crooked business activities. That number flies in the face of fake news polls that have Biden as “trustworthy”, “competent” and many other things he’s not. Which brings me back to something Biden definitely is: old.

Eighty should be the new 60. That’s how Trump makes age appear. But Biden looks like 81 going on 142.

Only a fool would ignore Biden’s obvious cognitive decline. And sadly for Democrats, Biden’s age plays a major factor in that decline. So much so that even Democrats can no longer deny it.

CNN pundit Van Jones:

If Jim Messina says that we’re bedwetters, invest in Pampers and Depends because a lot of people are terrified that Joe Biden is in real trouble and that you can’t talk about it. So, that’s what’s going on.

Listen, Jim is right, anybody who wants to argue against Jim Messina is going to waste their time. He’s got to have the right numbers, the right data. And it may, in fact, be true that a year from now things look very different because there’s been a year of a real campaign and all this kind of stuff.

But right now, today, I think a lot of Democrats look at these numbers and say, the whispers are finally showing up in this data. People are talking behind their hand. They worry about Joe Biden. Joe Biden’s like that grandpa that you love, that you believe in, you owe a lot, but you start to wonder, you know, would you give this grandpa a high- stress job for six more years or would you want something else for him? That’s what’s being talked about. And people are scared to come out and talk – and say anything about it.

While Van Jones provides some wiggle room by commenting that things could change in a year, that’s not necessarily good news.

As I’ve argued in multiple media posts, Joe Biden won’t get any better. And despite Jones claiming the economy is getting better, he balances it with the idea that fears about the economy are getting worse.

Fears about the economy are getting worse, because the economy is getting worse. In fact, the only thing getting worse than the economy is Joe Biden’s health, mental ability, and prospects of being tied directly to his son’s illegal business activities.

Why do you think Van Jones and others received the green light to mention the unmentionable? The people who put Biden in office in the coup now show they can take him out.

Biden’s role was to disrupt President Donald Trump.

Look at the makeup of SCOTUS. Now, consider if Trump had served consecutively. And what of the federal and district courts? Two consecutive terms of Trump would have crucified the Democrats. Further, think about what we’ve learned about our government with Republicans taking over the House. I have no doubt we would know nothing of Hunter Biden’s corruption and that of the Biden family if Democrats had maintained control of the House.

The Democrats have a new champion. Just as radical and stupid as Biden, Gavin Newsom get the nod. A younger version of Biden, pure and simple.

And Newsom is to take on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. But that’s not going to happen. Because Trump won’t go away. Ironically, Democrats keep Trump in play.

Things happen for a reason. Most of the country knows a coup took out Donald Trump. He was otherwise unstoppable. The 2020 Banana Republic election in this country is an embarrassment. But without it, we might not know the depths to which Democrats would sink to get their man. The desperation of a party who bypasses younger, smarter people to put a first-class bona fide moron into the highest office in the land is palatable.

If Republicans mount even the weakest offense, they will decimate the Democrats. Clearly, the feeble old man who starved the country represents Democrats. As such, it will take years for them to recover.

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