Hollywood Heavyweight Turns on Biden

Even the Hollyweirdos understand their horrible choice in Joe Biden. Now, they openly abandon him.

At least that’s what this Hollywood heavyweight admitted publicly.

Watch film director Oliver Stone admit that voting for Biden was “a mistake”. In the video below, Stone says,

I voted for him – I made a mistake…potential for World War 3.

Adding insult to injury, Stone revealed his disdain for Biden in a recent interview with fellow Hollywood compadre, Russell Brand.

Brand has become an outspoken critic of much of the activities of the Left, and gained even more popularity for his views.

For Stone to reveal his new feelings for Biden speaks volumes. However, to reveal his views on Brand’s podcast reveals much more.

Stone pulled no punches on his disillusion with Biden, and perhaps government in general.

Consider that Oliver Stone makes films known for addressing social issues, like Natural Born Killers, or even Platoon. But Stone showcased his suspicion of government as well in JFK. No stranger to politics, Stone has been a vocal critic of US foreign policy for decades. His fears continue to grow, as Stone commented:

“If we don’t stop this, what Biden is doing, this guy is – I voted for him – I made a mistake, I was thinking he was an old man now that he would calm down, that he would be more mellow and so-forth, I didn’t see that at all. I see a man who maybe is not in charge of his own administration. Who knows?”

Adding to the controversy swirling around Biden, Stone suggested that Biden might not be fully in charge of his own administration. At this point, most Americans likely agree with Stone. Many feel that Biden’s term represent the third term of Obama.

I disagree, because Obama was never in charge of anything. Regardless of who is in charge, one thing is certain: Biden isn’t.

Stone recognizes bad leadership. He voiced his concern on escalating global tensions, tensions caused by Biden. Moreover, Stone understands that Biden wants more armed conflicts.

The idea that someone with Stone’s reputation in Hollywood openly criticized Biden looms large. You can bet that Stone isn’t an outlier, but instead represents many in Hollywood and across America who want Biden out.

I’d be willing to bet that the controversies surrounding the Bidens and the Department of Justice haven’t gone unnoticed on the filmmaker. Stone knows that Biden accepted money from foreign governments. And that Biden entangled America in foreign deals only to garner money for his family.


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