Looming Impeachment: Joe Biden and his policies are no longer selling

The embattled First Son has been officially indicted. Americans noted that the only indictment involves the only charge to which there is absolutely no connection to Joey Demento, aka Joe Crackhead, Sr.

Leave it to me to find the real lesson in all of this nonsense. That lesson comes with what Joe Biden was doing when the indictments came down.

According to news sources, when the indictments of Hunter were announced, Joe Biden was selling “Bidenomics.” But that’s not the ironic part.


The man who lies for sport was selling America on the idea that his rampant inflation, nicknamed “Bidenflation” is fueling some fictional Utopia that Biden proudly calls “Bidenomics”.

So when asked about the indictments, Biden repeated that his son did nothing wrong. Shall we ask the thousands of black men in prison for reasons similar to Hunter if he’s done nothing wrong?

Don’t bother to answer, because I refuse to go down that rabbit hole. Not when there is so much food in the garden above ground.

Consider all the other potential indictments against Hunter. Money laundering, tax evasion, failure to register as a foreign agent, and those are just for starters.

Other potential more salacious charges could involve human trafficking.

I’m reminded what Obama said of Joe Biden, [pp] “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*ck things up”.

Add a crackhead son to the formula, and you get madhouse results.

To quote The Carpenter’s famed lyrics, “We’ve only just begun.”

That appears to be what MSNBC thinks based on the video above. I agree. Americans have waited a long time for this. And not just conservative Americans.

While the young black men, often imprisoned for the same charges of Biden’s indictments, wait anxiously for the outcome- Democrats don’t even realize they line they’ve crossed. These Americans are typically a reliable voting bloc for Democrats. However, polls show this group abandoning Democrats and supporting Trump.

Earlier this month, Axios reported:

President Biden’s support among Hispanic and Black voters may be dwindling from 2020, according to analysis by the New York Times, as he faces the prospect of a rematch with former President Trump in 2024.

Why it matters: Biden won the support of more than 70% of Black and Hispanic voters during the 2020 election, but a compilation of polls over the last year show that support deteriorating heading into 2024.

If the numbers materialize next November, it would continue the years-long trend of declining support among Black and Hispanic voters in his party, per the Times analysis.

As for most of the rest of America, we wait to learn what we already know. Hunter Biden used his father’s influence to enrich himself and his family, particularly his father.

It’s one of the biggest stories in American history, and certainly the biggest in the last hundred years. The ramifications are far-reaching. And the impact will damage more than just the Bidens.






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